Educational and Qualified Partner Program 2022


The Hungarian Tourism Agency opened the tender for its Qualified Partner Program – this time complemented with an Educational Partner section – in 2022 again. Professional partners could submit their applications in 14 categories. The applications were judged by a panel of professionals from various Hungarian tourism associations. The “Qualified Partner 2022” status and the discounts available with it are valid until the end of the next qualification, the expected date of which will be the second half of 2023.

The Hungarian Tourism Agency once again congratulates the 2022 Qualified Partners!


About the Qualified Partner Program

The Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA) established the Qualified Partner Program to associate with a qualified circle of service-providers in the tourism industry, in order to better facilitate efficient business generation, product- and market development. The main goal of the program is to help raise the number of guest nights spent in Hungarian accommodations, both in the leisure and high-end segments.

In the light of the above, and in line with the Tourism 2.0 strategy, it has become necessary to create a forum that:

  • rounds up partners that meet the criteria of the HTA, regardless of their different federations,
  • categorizes not only by turnover but also by innovativeness,
  • provides opportunities for joint brainstorming and product development,
  • offers an overview of the Hungarian tourism industry as a whole,
  • fosters development.