Magyar Magyar

Look up, touch, discover — Our architectural treasures

Wherever you go, don’t forget to look up: search for beautiful facades, ornamented carvings, exceptional tiles, unique panels and build-ons, because just as a tree trunk shows the life of the tree, a building’s facade also reflects how people lived in it and what the house has been through, silently providing safety and home to many. 

Through architecture, we can relive history and marvel at the colourful and diverse world that our cities embody. Immersed in the beauty of architecture, we have the chance to roam among eras, memories and historic mementos at our own pace.

Hungary’s architecture is colourful and diverse, a dialogue of ages and fates, their impact on one another, a story of a search for solutions. The buildings we live, work or study in often have decades or centuries of history. These silent heroes carry the past’s tangible imprints and memories, acting as solid foundations for our present and for many, these astounding gems also serve as inspiration for the future. Thus, architecture itself is enough of a reason to hit the road. 

Look around and notice the hidden treasures full of details, full of surprises, full of history and life. Hungary’s architecture has been shaped by our heritage. It has been waiting for you for centuries; so start discovering.

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