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Hiking and national parks

If you happen to be writing up a bucket list of what to see in Hungary this year, we'll help you out with a few ideas. Countless hiking trails, unmissable sights and nature's hidden treasures await.

Six natural wonders in Hungary to add to your bucket list

Hungary has a wealth of surprising and unparalleled destinations. Head out and explore these extraordinary locations.

Adventures and discoveries on the Hungarian Blue Trail

The best-known hiking trail in the country connects the natural and historical treasures of the northern Hungary, including the larger mountains, Lake Balaton and the capital. The Hungarian Blue Trail provides a special experience in each season and offers unparalleled variety to adventurous hikers.

Five hiking trails in the vicinity of Budapest to add to your bucket list

You don’t have to give up on hiking even if you only have half a day to get away from the capital, given that there is multitude of shorter and longer routes to choose from that you can get to with a few hours of travelling.

10 reasons why you should visit Hungary’s 10 national parks

Despite its smaller size, Hungary has countless wonders to offer for hikers. The country’s 10 national parks all have their own charms. Let us help you discover the country’s varied and diverse landscapes.

You don’t want to miss the highest, most modern and most mysterious lookouts in the country

Thousands of lookout towers are hidden in the forests and mountains of Hungary. What else could be better at the end of a tiring hike than having a look at the landscape you’ve just explored from above? Here are five lookout towers that all have their own advantages, but still have one thing in common: the way leading up to them is just as much of an experience as the panorama awaiting you at the top.

Five extraordinary trips in Hungary if you’re bored of hiking

Observe the deer from the back of a tractor, cruise among the trees on a Segway or hop on a bicycle and explore the fabulous landscape, lakes and cultural heritage of the Őrség. We’ll show you five unique places in Hungary where you can engage in memorable adventures.