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Water sports

Hungary's lakes and rivers offer an abundance of opportunities, from relaxing waterway rowing trips to extreme sports adventures. Step out of your comfort zone and jump head first into an aquatic adventure.

Let’s get on the water near Budapest

Fans of water sports do not have to go very far from the capital to engage in their favourite activity. Both beginners and professional kayakers and wakeboarders all have access to amazing locations in both the capital and its surrounding area.

Enjoying the beach and taking part in water sports on Hungary’s lakes

Pursuing your favourite water sports and diving into the cooling waters of the largest Hungarian lakes? It’s a wonderful activity for a hot summer’s day. What’s more, you have plenty of options available to you at various natural beaches.

On the water, in the water, freely: the country’s lakes and rivers await you with water sports

Water sports make you feel free and close to nature. You can try them wherever you go in Hungary.

Active recreation in Hungary’s pool complexes

Are you bored of quiet sunbathing? Do you long for more active recreation? Visit some of the numerous Hungarian pool complexes and water parks, especially if you are up for not only water slides and adventure pools, but also water sports.