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Religious sights of Greater Budapest

BudapestGreater Budapest

It is worth wandering through the world of sacred attractions in Budapest even if you are not religious, because the stunning buildings, the vibrant spaces, the sublime atmosphere and the places full of positive energy are sure to captivate you. And if you actively practice your religion, seeing these wonderful sights is a must! Architectural masterpieces of different eras, iconic churches, chapels and synagogues revealing the history of Hungary as well as one of the most valuable relics of the ...

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Matthias Church

The popular name commemorates the royal wedding of King Matthias I held here – a relief depicting his coat of arms was found during the excavation works. The official name of the building, however, is the Church of the Assumption of Buda Castle.

St. Stephen's Basilica

The basilica is one of the most frequently photographed Hungarian tourist attractions and hides thousands of secrets. It was built for 54 years; 3 famous architects left their mark on the building.

Dohány Street Synagogue

The Dohány Street Synagogue of Budapest is not only the largest Hebrew temple of Europe but its surroundings are like a small island with a fabulous atmosphere, full of exhibitions, synagogues, cemeteries and memorials.

2,000 years of history close up in the Inner City Parish Church of the Assumption

The building towering at the heart of Budapest isn’t only a venue for Holy Mass: Christianity has been intertwined with Hungarian culture since the 11th century, and the walls of the church have truly absorbed the memories of the past 2,000 years. In addition to religion, the Inner City Parish Church also holds attractions for lovers of architecture, culture and history. 

Tomb of Gül Baba

The Tomb of Gül Baba is a monument located in Buda near Margaret Island that dates from the time of the Turkish occupation. This is the most remote sacred site of Islamic culture north of the Ottoman Empire, and the only functioning Muslim pilgrimage destination in the territory of Christian Europe. 

A sacred site of Budapest: the magnificent Cave Church

There are only a few religious tourist destinations in the world where sacred significance and natural beauty merge. The Cave Church on the side of Gellért Hill is one of them. Come visit this beautifully renovated sanctuary of the Pauline Order, and see for yourself how beautiful it can be when religious faith, natural beauty and human perseverance meet.  

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