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Bike tours

The joy of riding a bike is not just for kids, it's equally as fun as an adult and a great exercise to boot, or (for the more daring) even a truly extreme sports experience. Discover the country on two wheels.

Six attractions that make it worthwhile cycling around Lake Velence

It’s no surprise that one of the country’s sportiest areas is the region around Lake Velence, where you’ll find everything you need for active recreation: an amazing environment and countless opportunities for sports. Hop on your bike and ride around the country’s third-largest natural lake.

These are the best mountain bike trails in Hungary

Mountain biking is not for beginners: the height differences, elevations and the natural terrain demand not only a special type of bicycle, but also a very specific skillset and good physical condition. 

5+1 wonderful cycle paths in Hungary

The best thing about cycling trips is that they can be completely tailored to your needs. It’s up to you what distance to conquer each day, how many days the trip should last, where to stop and rest and what attractions to visit. 

Five things that make it worth cycling around Lake Tisza

Lake Tisza, Hungary’s second biggest lake, was created as an artificial reservoir, however, nature soon claimed it as its own. It’s not only the pristine natural environment that deserves cycling around when you visit.

A sporty gastronomic tour: cycling around Lake Fertő

Austria and Hungary share the cycle path around Lake Fertő. Depending on the exact route, the distance varies between 115 and 135 kilometres: keen cyclists can finish it in a day, but it’s much more fun to split the distance over a couple of days or even a long weekend, allowing you to enjoy the historical monuments, the peace of nature and bathing – and of course, the local delicacies.

On two wheels around Lake Balaton: hop on and see the wonders for yourself

204.44 kilometres of cycling, combined with all the beauty Lake Balaton has to offer – guaranteed for those willing to ride around the biggest lake in Hungary. No matter whether you want to test your performance and speed or you think of it as a casual holiday activity, you won’t be disappointed.

WONDERS OF HUNGARY - LAKE TISZAWe have launched a mini-series entitled Wonders of Hungary, occasionally presenting our country's beautiful treasures in about a minute to inspire you. Welcome to part 2, in which we show you Lake Tisza and its surroundings!
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