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Every country has its qualities and traditions, the values we call human culture. Wine is integral to this culture and has given pleasure and work to successive generations for thousands of years. Here in Hungary, we have been producing wine for more than a thousand years.


Tokaji Aszú at the Pinnacle

Tokaji Aszú is one of Hungary’s best-known, naturally sweet wines. In Tokaj, there are descriptions dating back to the 16th century of how sweet wines were produced and about the places within the wine region that were most suitable for growing the grapes essential for making Aszú.

Beyond a Glass of Wine

Hungarians’ sense of connection with their country’s wines has always been special. Many writers and poets have been inspired by them and in turn, they have been praised on many pages throughout Hungarian literature.

Fröccs Glossary

In keeping with Hungary’s wine and soda traditions, light wines with good acidity are usually mixed with soda water. Fröccs (spritzer) – a refreshing bubbly mix of wine and soda water in one proportion or another – enjoys universal popularity.

Wine alternatives

This appreciation of wine means it is only natural that in Hungary Tokaji Aszú, for example, must appear on the festive table. However, it does not mean that bottles and glasses will only be brought out on special occasions. Wine also appears in a social context, at community events and during friendly conversations or festivals, and a number of alternative options abound for wine consumption.

Wine regions

Hungarian wine culture is characterised by diversity, originality and uniqueness. The country’s six wine-producing areas, including the diverse wine styles of the 22 wine regions, tell numerous stories, personified and recounted most authentically by the individual winemakers themselves.

Experiences with a wine glass in hand or not: the best wine festivals in Hungary

Great drinks, good company and amazing things to do: you can find all of this between the stalls of Hungary’s wine festivals. These range from learning about wine to concerts, and there is always something going on in the towns known for the best Hungarian wines during the outdoor festival season.

WOW HUNGARY - TOKAJ-HEGYALJA WITH COUPLE AWAY (JUSTYNA & PAWEŁ)We would like to show you the famous wine region Tokaj-Hegyalja and its surroundings but this time from a different angle: through the lens of the well-known travel bloggers, Couple Away - Justyna & Paweł. We hope you will like it just as we do, and you put this classic (and classical) wine region onto the list of your next visit!
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