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Arts and Culture

Art and culture are the cornerstones of our everyday lives. Diversity, creativity, artistic freedom and dialogue are vital. Museums, galleries, theatres, concerts, festivals, book markets – we love them all. Pick your favourite from the most beautiful places and the most interesting events and activities.


Royal castles & aristocratic palaces

Visit Hungary’s amazing castles and palaces. There are 103 castles in Hungary alone, most of which are still open to tourists and visitors. Our castles were built in different styles and at different times, but the view from all of them is unrivalled and is paired with the exciting history that lies within their walls. They are calling to us to take a journey back in time.

Museums & Galleries

A museum is always a perfect place for adults or children alike. The experience will be unparalleled, whether you are visiting a permanent or a special temporary exhibition. Spare some time to admire the buildings and surroundings of the museums and galleries as the architectural value of these buildings is also substantial.

Religious Sights

From churches to cathedrals, synagogues and abbeys – Hungary is home to hundreds of beautiful religious locations and sights. These buildings take visitors back to different ages in history, and carry the marks of events such as the foundation of the Hungarian state, coronations, the Reformation and the era of the Ottoman rule.


All the World's a stage. Whether you want to see something light, something musical or something more serious, you’ll definitely find what you are looking for. Theatre buildings in Budapest are symbols of the immortality of art and music. The walls of some of these buildings could tell you many a tale about times of sadness and happiness.

Hungarian Folk Tradition

Hungary has a very rich repository of folk traditions, whose heritage is well worth exploring. We’ll show you all that makes up the country’s fabulous folklore legacy.

Festivals & prestigious events

There are several festivals and events in Budapest and around the country all through the summer. The activities on offer at open-air or tourism festivals include popular music, classical music, jazz, fine arts and gastronomy. And plan your summer by Lake Balaton so that you can take part in the VeszprémFest.





WONDERS OF HUNGARY: NÁDASDY MANSION, NÁDASDLADÁNYCheck out the mini-series entitled Wonders of Hungary, presenting our country's beautiful treasures in about a minute to inspire you. Welcome to the next episode, in which we show you the Nádasdy Mansion in Nádasdladány.
Wonders of Hungary: Nádasdy Mansion, Nádasdladány
Wonders of Hungary: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Wonders of Hungary: St Stephen's Basilica, Budapest
Go with the folk!

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