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Shopping, markets and hungarian fashion

It is worth switching from the rush of everyday life to the wonderful world of markets, which in recent years have started welcoming visitors again in their full splendour. In addition to purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables, you also have the opportunity to buy and taste handmade products, syrups and jams. As well as Hungarian flavours, you can get to know the increasingly popular Hungarian fashion designers, who are now enhancing the reputation of our country on the largest catwalks ...

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5 farmers’ markets in Budapest you won’t want to miss

People browsing around, chatting and laughing, carrying their packed wicker baskets, trolley and canvas bags – once you have experienced the Hungarian farmers’ market, you won’t want any other. In recent years, a new chapter in the history of Hungarian marketplaces has begun: they are making a spectacular comeback. 

A taste of Hungary: gifts for culinary enthusiasts

Over the centuries, Hungarian gastronomy has drawn on the culinary traditions of various peoples. The result: if you taste them carefully, our traditional dishes will reveal influences of German and Turkish cuisine and then, when dessert comes, their Austrian and French ancestors. We recommend the following authentic examples to help you explore the specialities of Hungarian gastronomy. 

4 things that make traditional Hungarian marketplaces so special

Although grocery stores put a chokehold on the good old marketplaces for some time, this traditional form of shopping has been making a huge comeback, thanks to a greener and more healthconscious approach. 

Hungarian fashion designers on the doorstep of world fame

Hungary is not only lucky in terms of its geographical location: Hungarian intellectual heritage and creativity are also this nation’s worldwide trademarks. Looking back on a history of over a millennium, Hungary boasts a rich cultural heritage, the preservation, promotion and visibility of which is a priority task of the Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency. 

GREAT MARKET HALL BUDAPESTMarkets always have a special atmosphere, thanks to fresh goods, fine scents and nice chats with local vendors and sellers. Which market is your favorite in Budapest?
Great Market Hall Budapest
Go with the folk!
Wonders of Hungary: Buda Castle District
Table - A spoonful of Hungary - Hortobagy-styled stuffed pancakes - Lake Tisza

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