Experience centre in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter in Pécs

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter
Pécs region

It can take an entire day to fully explore the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

In 2010, Pécs was awarded the title European Capital of Culture, and to this end the former factory of the famous Zsolnay family and the surrounding grounds were rebuilt, and now include an exciting experience centre.

Welcome to the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

The family and the porcelain

Take a short walk from the centre of town to visit the district that was declared a Hungarikum in 2014. It’s impossible to miss, with the colourful tiles on the roofs of the buildings visible from far away. The district park is public and open to everyone, and offers all kinds of things to see and enjoy: you can walk around and visit 88 Zsolnay public street sculptures, as well as 15 listed heritage buildings, and if you want to learn about the history of the Zsolnay family, the porcelain and the factory, go on and explore the exhibitions. The classic pieces in the Gyugyi Collection have been brought back to Hungary from the US as beautiful additions to the art exhibits. The Pink Exhibition is where you can see the earliest Zsolnay products on display, while the Golden Age of Zsolnay – consisting of some 700 ceramic items – is estimated to be worth 2 billion HUF and offers a truly amazing experience. To get the whole picture, you should also visit the Zsolnay family and factory history exhibition, where you will learn about the art of eosin glazing, which earned Zsolnay porcelain its global reputation.

Carefree fun is at the top of the list

The renovation of the district also included features aimed at children: the little ones can have fun in the planetarium, the sweet manufactory, the artisanal chocolate shop, and at the activities held in the Herkules Workshop, as well as events at the Bóbita Puppet Theatre. When you get hungry, just pop into any of the cafés and restaurants in the district, or you can even have a picnic under the giant gingko biloba trees.

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