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If there’s one thing Hungary has that’s even better than its wonderful and varied sights, it’s the local cuisine. It is well worth tasting the delicacies of all of Hungary’s regions: Budapest is bursting with amazing restaurants, each better than the other, and every region also has its own delicious specialty. Wherever in Hungary you’ll find a legendary wine to go with every course. There’s a reason Hungarian wines are world famous.


Hungarian cuisine is not only about goulash and paprika! Be our guest and experience the exquisite gastronomy of our country! Hungary is proud of its cuisine and the country offers a wide selection of venues to dine at, from charming restaurants, wine bars, unique bistros, creative cooking courses to culinary festivals.


Every country has its qualities and traditions, the values we call human culture. Wine is integral to this culture and has given pleasure and work to successive generations for thousands of years. Here in Hungary, we have been producing wine for more than a thousand years.


TABLE - A SPOONFUL OF HUNGARY - PART 3: BEEF STEW WITH RED WINE AND DUMPLINGSA spoonful of Hungary with Tamás Dános Beef stew with red wine and dumplings A spoonful of Hungary with Tamás Dános With this video let us introduce you a major classic – beef stew with red wine is not only a masterpiece of Hungarian cuisine but also a star of seasonal garden cooking in a cauldron.
Table - A spoonful of Hungary - Part 3: Beef stew with red wine and dumplings
A spoonful of Balaton - Vine leaves stuffed with spicy minced meat and sour cream dip
Table - A spoonful of Hungary - Goulash with noodles
Table - A spoonful of Hungary - Mangalica pork tenderloin with bulgur salad

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