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Cultural Attractions of Greater Budapest

BudapestGreater Budapest

Greater Budapest is the home of hundreds of top-rated cultural attractions. The most popular tourist destination includes beautifully renovated palaces with a long history, religious and cultural sights, fascinating items in museums and a lot else to explore.

Castles and palaces

Experience the turning points of Hungarian history up close at iconic locations, in the lavish structures of Budapest's castles and palaces. Fly back to glorious ages and visit the former royal residence in one of the imposing symbols of Budapest, take a look at a thousand years of Hungarian architecture in a single building and step into the walls of a magnificent piece of world heritage.  


Would you like to go on a cultural trip through time? In Budapest you will find everything you need: dazzling art collections, exhibitions leading through exciting periods of history, thought-provoking – or even shocking – exhibitions on darker times, unique archaeological finds and special underground exhibitions, whose captivating narrative you can immerse yourself in.  

Religious sights

It is worth wandering through the world of sacred attractions in Budapest even if you are not religious, because the stunning buildings, the vibrant spaces, the sublime atmosphere and the places full of positive energy are sure to captivate you. And if you actively practice your religion, seeing these wonderful sights is a must!  


Do you also like breaking out of the ordinary and immersing yourself in the cathartic story of a quality performance? If the answer is yes and you sincerely appreciate imposing architectural wonders, the streets of Budapest are just the right place for you.  

Art experiences in Budapest – from classic museums to contemporary galleries

Breathtaking natural features, wonderful historic buildings, amazing food and colourful nightlife – just a few reasons why it is worth visiting Budapest. But there is so much more to do – the vibrant cultural life of the Hungarian capital offers a host of activities that are guaranteed to provide an unforgettable artistic experience.