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A stroll along the Danube is a treat in itself, as both sides of the river house sites and locations that you should definitely commemorate with a selfie. The Danube riverside is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, so the view is spectacular and you can’t really go wrong wherever you decide to take a photo. Still, here are the spots that you really shouldn’t miss.

Take a seat next to the Little Princess, her bronze statue sitting on the rail separating the tram from pedestrians near the Vigadó building. Modeled after the artist’s own daughter while wearing a crown made of paper, the princess is seldom lonely; travelers keep her company as they take pictures together.


A few steps away is another little girl who is a tourist favorite. This bronze statue of a girl playing fetch with her dog was set up in 2007; visitors love to take photos of them give her a helping hand in getting the ball back from her dog.


Hungary’s Parliament is a grand structure overlooking the Danube. It is the third biggest state assembly in the world and is the most recognizable building in Hungary. Besides the building itself, make sure to have a picture with the guards of the national banner at the center of the square. If you time it right, you might even get to take a picture with the marching band.


While checking out Parliament, be sure to snap a shot of yourself alongside poet Attila József, lost in his musings. József is one of Hungary’s best-known poets, and one of his most famous pieces is entitled “By the Danube” which he was inspired to write while looking into the river. József’s statue has been moved back to its original, appropriate location; however, up until the recent 2014 reconstruction of Kossuth square, he had somewhat oddly been placed with his back to the river.

The Széchenyi Chain Bridge (Széchenyi lánchíd) is without a doubt one symbol of Budapest that you surely need to see and cross. Once you’re there, be sure to take a picture with the lions that decorate the bridge. Legend has it that upon their inauguration some child in the crowd noticed that the lions have no tongues, because the sculptor had forgot to carve them. He was so ashamed that he jumped into the river. This is, of course, not true, and the artist was known to have a laugh whenever this urban myth came up.


A most solemn spot near Parliament building is the shoe memorial. Visitors go there to gain a better understanding of the darker side of Budapest and to honor those who lost their lives. The empty bronze shoes are there as stark reminder of the Jews and other undesirables killed by being shot into the river by the fascist Arrow Cross regime towards the end of World War II.


Heading over to the Buda side of the river gives you a chance to take a pic of the Castle Garden Bazaar (Várkert Bazár), a magnificent neo-Renaissance cultural complex. Although it is part of the world cultural heritage, it had fallen into decay for many years until recently renovated and opened once more for the public.


Perhaps the only riverside structure that has a chance to challenge the Chain Bridge as the city’s chief icon is Parliament. The building overlooks the Danube and also forms a spectacular site from the other side of the river. Head over to Batthány Square, which might well be the best vantage point for that selfie.


No Budapest selfie collection could be complete without one of Vásárcsarnok, the great market hall. This is an essential souvenir of your visit, besides those you will surely buy once you go inside.

A relative newcomer to the Danube riverscape, but a very prominent one, is the Bálna building. Literally, the name means “whale,” and is taken from the appearance of the complex. Get that selfie stick ready as you lounge here for a while and enjoy a refreshing drink and check out the art exhibitions.


If you’re lucky with the timing of your visit, you can take photos of how one of Budapest’s most beautiful bridges, Szabadság híd (Liberty bridge) becomes a pedestrian hangout in the summer. Budapesters adore the idea of closing the bridge off from traffic, so they could enjoy the bridge unlike any way before. Sling out a hammock for a nap, have a picnic in the middle of the road, or even hold a yoga session.


Always looking for that great shot? Then keep your phone ready, as there’s no telling which celebrity will show up unannounced to see the riverside for themselves. If you’re enjoying a concert and the Red Hot Chili Peppers show up, as was the case not long ago, you’ll want to be sure to commemorate the occasion. Have you been following Claire Danes’ Instagram feed? You might take some pointers from the Homeland star about seeking out the best selfie spots in Budapest. Jennifer Lawrence found her way quite well around Budapest the last time she was filming here. Who knows, where you might cross paths at her next shoot which will likely bring her back to Hungary because of the excellent studio capacities that attract a growing number of Hollywood A-listers.