Outdoor activites in Budapest and the Greater Budapest area

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Danube Bend
Greater Budapest

Picturesque landscapes, promenades along riverbanks, hidden trasures all over Budapest and its surrounding area. The only challenge is to chose from the wide variety of must-see designations and near-perfect hiking trails in the vicinity of the capital.

Five hiking trails in the vicinity of Budapest

You don’t have to give up on hiking even if you only have half a day to get away from the capital, given that there is multitude of shorter and longer routes to choose from that you can get to with a few hours of travelling.

Get to know Budapest step by step: Themed city walks

There are very few more entertaining things than themed sightseeing walks if you only have a few hours to relax. They satisfy both the need for exercise and the hunger for cultural information, as they perfectly combine a group trip with the dissemination of historical knowledge, exploratory learning and urban anecdotes, legends and facts.

Cultural, historical and culinary trips around Budapest

The most popular tourist destinations include beautifully renovated palaces with a long history, parks with lakes, cultural sights and fascinating items in museums no matter where you go in Hungary. The region around the capital is no exception to this. Here are some tips and suggestions on where to go and what to do.

5 trips with children within 50 km of Budapest

There are numerous places near Budapest that offer a range of experiences and enjoyable pastimes with kids. In the following, we’ve included a few ideas that are perfect for day trips.

Greater Budapest and the Danube Bend

Those who like picturesque landscapes and enjoy spending time in nature, favour promenades along riverbanks or fancy small streets steeped in history and romantic dinners should discover the direct vicinity of Budapest and the Danube Bend. It is meant for those who enjoy such a rich variety of sights.

Let’s get on the water near Budapest

Fans of water sports do not have to go very far from the capital to engage in their favourite activity. Both beginners and professional kayakers and wakeboarders all have access to amazing locations in both the capital and its surrounding area.