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Our heritage

Hungarian heritage is a broad abstraction that includes anything from art through architecture and habits to cuisine. Getting to know these elements brings you closer and closer to a more comprehensive view of Hungary and the local way of living. Even if you don't move meanwhile, it is already kind of a travel.

Old Village of Hollókő and its surroundings

Hollókő in Nógrád County in Northern Hungary has been a UNESCO World Heritage site. This small village is sought out by tourists from all over the world, as this is currently the only Hungarian settlement whose residents still use the built environment as they did in the past century.

Hungarian Folk Traditions

Hungary has a very rich repository of folk traditions, whose heritage is well worth exploring. We’ll show you all that makes up the country’s fabulous folklore legacy.

Walk around Central Europe’s largest steppe, the mythical land of Hortobágy

While you are in the vicinity of Hajdúság, visit Hortobágy, where you can relax on the porch of the 300-year-old Hortobágy Inn and take in the enormous grassy steppe, while sampling the shepherds’ traditional dish of slambuc (a combination of pasta, potatoes and bacon).

Explore the diverse architectural treasures of Budapest

Budapest’s architecture is world famous; it’s no coincidence that every traveller mentions how impressed they were by the buildings’ diversity when they looked up, no matter which part of the city they were in. 

The grape harvest: an important, busy and fun tradition

Bunches of grapes hanging in the autumn sunshine, pickers sharing jokes, the taste of freshly pressed grape juice, dinner together after work; the grape harvest is an unforgettable experience with family and friends. 

Markets in Budapest – a centuries-old tradition dressed in modern clothes

In the past few years, a new chapter has begun in the history of Hungary’s markets: the old tradition, which was an important part of the culture for centuries, is flourishing again.