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Interesting facts, historical data about Hungary.


Flora & Fauna

Bordering on the frontiers of east and west, the flora and fauna of Hungary is full of surprises. An everyday scene in rural Hungary: storks walk in the garden after the rain, owls hoot atop the old walnut tree, rare species of protected birds nest in the barn, a calm prickle of hedgehogs or a deer family walk past us unhurriedly, a herd rests peacefully in the pasture, under the cool shadow of seed-trees.


Hungary is a country in Central Europe, bordering with seven countries: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Slovakia. It is easily accessible by air, land or water transport. Numerous direct flights are available between Budapest, Debrecen and Sármellék near Lake Balaton in Hungary and major European cities, North Africa, the Middle East and countries overseas.


The role that Hungary played in the history of Europe is far greater than one might conclude by its size or population today. Hungarians speak a curious language and boast a unique cultural background without having isolated themselves from the rest of Europe. Throughout history, they have managed to preserve and maintain their identity through the many years of foreign occupation and the wars in Hungary.

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