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Thermal Baths & Spas

Did you know that there are approximately 1,500 mineral springs utilized in Hungary today? Although the standards are stricter here than elsewhere in the world, the country has over two hundred sources of water with a proven medicinal effect, allowing visitors to benefit from hydrotherapy and various other treatments.

The Land of thermal waters

For visitors, experiencing a historic spa shouldn’t be missed. Not only do they offer a place for recreation, relaxation and rejuvenation, but most are located in magnificent buildings that are more than a hundred years old.

The Land of Spa Culture

The Ottoman occupation of Hungary was not confined to Budapest – a bathing culture was spread across Hungary.

Budapest, the Queen of bathing cities

No other capital in the world has more hot-water springs. Whether for rehabilitation or recreation, it’s worth devoting some time to discover the city’s thermal baths. No visit to Budapest can be complete without a visit to its spas, which give the sense of stories from the pages of a history book coming to life.

Hévíz, Harmony for Body and Soul

There is a town located near the western tip of Lake Balaton with a name indicative of the local hot-water springs. Visitors in Hévíz (meaning: warm water) can go for a swim in the world’s largest, biologically active thermal water lake. It’s a unique experience to float amidst the red water lilies dotting the lake’s surface when enshrouded in steam.


Western Hungarian Bath Cities

Situated near the Austrian border, Bükfürdő has developed a name for itself over the recent decades amongst domestic and foreign patients alike who suffer from various locomotor disorders.

Northern Hungarian Bath Cities

The 1,200 square metre limestone deposits of Egerszalók are considered an iconic rarity the world over, with only two other sites with similar natural formations. The hot waters surging up from the deep found a way to the surface at this point, while the lime deposited on the hillsides created a shiny, white surface.

DISCOVER THE THERMAL WATERS OF HUNGARY!In Hungary, find just what you’ve been searching for. Uncover truly magical moments. Refreshment, relaxation, and the healing power of nature In the warm embrace of tradition. Immerse yourself in an amazing and unique experience: Discover the thermal waters of Hungary!
Discover the thermal waters of Hungary!
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