Bük and Sárvár

The area around Bük and Sárvár has been famous for its spas, but anyone who has ever visited the area is well aware that the miraculous waters are only a part of the sights of the countryside from the foothills of the Alps to Mount Ság. Stay with us and discover the jewelry box of the northwestern tip of Hungary!

The region of miraculous medicinal water

Vas County is home to two internationally recognised thermal baths that are only 25 kilometres apart. The baths in Bük and Sárvár have both been operating since the 60s and have been through several developments, but you can also find other smaller, lesser-known bath complexes in the region to relax in a cosy atmosphere. 

Walking with Ancient Romans in Szombathely

One of the oldest towns in Hungary, Szombathely may lack the rich and vibrant history of Kőszeg or the spa culture of Sárvár, yet has something truly special: remnants of the Roman Empire. 

Adventures around Őrség And Vendvidék

Both regions are part of the Őrség National Park and make enchanting destinations. Remote and secluded, the westernmost reaches of Hungary offer unforgettable adventures.

Splashing time in the local wellness centres

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about north-west Hungary? Among other things, the excellent thermal spas. Put on your swimming gear and off you go.

A trip through time in the heart of Kőszeg

Kőszeg is one of Hungary’s most beautiful towns and a genuine treasure trove in the Western corner of the country. If you are in the Bük–Sárvár region and have the desire to travel back in time, Kőszeg is the destination for you.

Sárvár: so much more than just the spa

Flanking the River Rába, Sárvár is one of the largest and increasingly popular towns in the Western-Transdanubian region. The main attraction is undoubtedly the internationally renowned spa – but it is reasonable to claim that wellness is only one of the many reasons to visit Sárvár. 

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