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Hungarian cuisine is not only about goulash and paprika! Be our guest and experience the exquisite gastronomy of our country! Hungary is proud of its cuisine and the country offers a wide selection of venues to dine at, from charming restaurants, wine bars, unique bistros, creative cooking courses to culinary festivals.

All you need to know about Hungarian cuisine

Hungarian gastronomy relies quite heavily on the practices of old peasant-style cooking and the versions incorporated into turn-of-the-century bourgeois cuisine. Typically, onions, paprika and sour cream are the dominant flavours.

Hungarian Gastronomy's Coming Home

“Our cuisine, our dishes, just like our music and our language, contrast with those of western people; however, we can certainly say that such comparisons are not to Hungary’s disadvantage. To know all this is not merely interesting, but useful.” (Károly Gundel)

Let's cook Hungarian style!

Purebred Mangalica pork is unmistakably unique and defies comparison with any other kind of pork. Generously marbled, it is rich in flavour and healthy, unsaturated fats.

Hungarian Gastro Glossary

When the Hungarians raise a glass in a toast, they say “to your health”, i.e. may the content of the glass turn into good health for you. Non-Hungarian speakers may not find it easy to pronounce, but Hungarians are always touched by any attempt they make to do so.

Culinary specialities

The valley of the Körös rivers is one of the most important centres of Hungarian gastro-tourism. Gyulai and Csabai sausages and Békési pálinka are favourites not just among Hungarians, but are well known and liked beyond the country’s borders.

The Classics of Hungarian Cuisine

Spicy, meaty, hearty, colourful and delicious – Hungarian cuisine is heavenly! From starters and soup specialities to savoury mains, decadent desserts and street food, here are some Hungarian favourites for you to sample.

TABLE - A SPOONFUL OF HUNGARY - PART 2: CHICKEN PAPRIKASHA spoonful of Hungary with Tamás Dános The great classic of Hungarian cuisine – chicken paprikash (or paprika chicken) – needs no introduction, but you can always spice up the recipe with a pinch of creativity. This is what we did here too. Spoiler alert: not only the garnish will surprise you!
Table - A spoonful of Hungary - Part 2: Chicken paprikash
Wonders of Hungary: Hercegkút and its cellars
Wonders of Hungary: Cellars of Budafok
Table - A spoonful of Hungary - Hortobagy-styled stuffed pancakes - Lake Tisza