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Must-see sights in Hungary

Boldogkő CastleBoldogkőváraljaTokaj and Nyíregyháza

Visitors can discover Hungary’s most beautiful sights in various ways: while hiking, walking, on two wheels, relaxing in any thermal baths or visiting museums. Whichever they choose, they will get to come upon a different face of the country each time.

BUDAPEST: SHAPED BY HERITAGEBudapest. A city where you can experience a thousand years of history and culture every day. Where you can come home, where you can immerse yourself. Where there's so much to explore, to delight, and to amaze. Where you can take a rest or take off on an adventure, where you can recharge and discover something breath-taking with every step.
Budapest: shaped by heritage
Discover the thermal waters of Hungary!
Visit Hungary at any time of year and discover one of Europe’s hidden treasures
WOW Hungary - Through the lens of Simon Snopek

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