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Explore the diverse architectural treasures of Budapest

Budapest’s architecture is world famous; it’s no coincidence that every traveller mentions how impressed they were by the buildings’ diversity when they looked up, no matter which part of the city they were in. 

The harmony of Budapest’s architecture is due to six spectacular styles: baroque, classicism, romanticism, historicism, art nouveau and modernism, but the main tourist sights also include outstanding and world-class examples of Gothic and Renaissance Revival. 

The Hungarian capital is diverse because its architecture was influenced by the experimental trends of the biggest and richest contemporary European cities, namely Vienna, Paris and Rome. Our visionary designers and architects — and their patrons — thanks to their unique perspective and confidence, brought home from the wide world many trends that enriched our city in an aesthetic sense.

It is this diversity that makes Budapest one of the most sought-after filming locations, either “playing” itself or another capital city. As Hungarians, we always take pride in recognising our beloved city on screen, no matter what movie it “stars” in, even if only present for one or two scenes, perhaps disguised as another metropolis.