There are many beautiful landscapes in Hungary, all are enjoyable to explore. It is worth starting this journey with the high priority tourist regions. We selected ten amazing locations for you, which are full of attractions and are close to each other. Are you ready for the discovery?


Budapest has managed to preserve its historical atmosphere and special eclectic cityscape, while allowing new places to open one after the other, and continues to be a vibrant metropolis. You will find interesting cultural events in abundance and many excellent entertainment venues in Budapest. Many hidden treasures, the secrets of past times, stories of fortunes rising and falling, and sultry gossip lie there on the street, just waiting to be discovered.

Greater Budapest

Those who like picturesque landscapes and enjoy spending time in nature, favour promenades along riverbanks or fancy small streets steeped in history and romantic dinners should discover the direct vicinity of Budapest and the Danube Bend. It is meant for those who enjoy such a rich variety of sights.


Central Europe’s largest lake offers unmissable experiences all-year-round. Every summer, the nearly 200-km2 lake warms up easily, with its gradual depth attractive to those wishing to splash around.

Debrecen and surroundings

Thanks to its international airport, the multi-faceted European city of Debrecen is an easily accessible travel destination from all over the world. Don’t hesitate to come and have a look around.

Tokaj and Nyíregyháza

Discover the majestic flavours and history of a wild and romantic landscape!The region of Tokaj, Upper Tisza, and Nyírség stretches along three national borders in Hungary’s northeast. This is an undeniably diverse region, where there are attractions and activities for everyone.

Pécs Region

The south-western part of the country has everything you need for a great trip. The castle of Siklós, the wines of Villány, the spa in Harkány and Pécs await you with a myriad things to see and experience.

Sopron / Bük & Sárvár region

Sopron and the surrounding area are located in the north-western corner of Hungary, and offer a wide range of exciting activities throughout the year.

Eger region

Take a stroll on the slopes of Szépasszony Valley with its 200 cellars, taste the delicious wines of Eger on Dobó István tér, take a dip in the more than 400-year-old Turkish Bath or discover the hidden treasures of the nearby hills.

Győr and Pannonhalma

Venture into the city of rivers: Győr and the surrounding area a plethora of miracles to be discovered. Hungary’s north-western region is rich in natural treasures and monuments: the city of Győr and Pannonhalma Abbey, as well as the wildlife in Szigetköz are sure to enchant you.

Szeged region

Szeged is a place teeming with old-fashioned cafés and is the centre of Art Nouveau. It’s a place where it feels good to sit on the bank of the River Tisza or discover the region’s myriad wonders.

Gyula region

Put on your walking shoes and take a tour around the Körös rivers. The experience of a lifetime is just around the corner. Gyula and Békéscsaba, two towns just a stone’s throw from the Romanian border, attract visitors and tourists with their unique atmosphere.

Places to go

Choose a destination and start your journey now!

Places to go

Choose a destination and start your journey now!

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