Magyar Magyar


The population of Hungary is close to ten million. The quarter of these people live in Budapest and its wide-spread agglomeration, with more and more people moving in from foreign countries, many of whom have their very own love-at-first-sight Budapest story to tell. The Hungarian capital is the most densely populated metropolitan area in Central-Eastern Europe, but its streets never seem overcrowded, not even in high season.



Hungarian culture has many typical and unconventional traditions and customs. Since Hungarians are considered to be very friendly, hospitable and open, you will learn of these in no time.


Helpful men and beautiful women: two of the most common stereotypes of the Hungarian character. Impulsive, free-spirited, loud, sometimes blue and always friendly. Ready to offer a meal and drinks, the most enthusiastic host, who will eat and dance with you at the same time.

Religious life in Hungary

Hungary has been part of the Christian Europe for over a thousand years. Therefore our nation boasts a rich Christian heritage, which is also highlighted in the Fundamental Law of Hungary.

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