Royal castles & aristocratic palaces

Festetics PalaceKeszthelyBalaton

Visit Hungary’s amazing castles and palaces. There are 103 castles in Hungary alone, most of which are still open to tourists and visitors. Our castles were built in different styles and at different times, but the view from all of them is unrivalled and is paired with the exciting history that lies within their walls. They are calling to us to take a journey back in time.

Buda Castle has been home to the kings of Hungary since the 13th century. The ‘Hungarian Versailles’ in Fertőd is the largest Baroque-style castle in the country. Queen Sissi’s favourite castle was the Royal Palace in Gödöllő, while Festetics Palace remained in the hands of the family it was named after for 200 years. Eger Castle is where one of the most ominous events in Hungarian history took place, while the medieval citadel of Visegrád served as the seat of the king. Füzér Castle was built by royal command following the invasion of the Tatars.


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