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A museum is always a perfect place for adults or children alike. The experience will be unparalleled, whether you are visiting a permanent or a special temporary exhibition. Spare some time to admire the buildings and surroundings of the museums and galleries as the architectural value of these buildings is also substantial.



The National Gallery in Buda Castle in Budapest is a very good example, and is home to the largest public collection of fine art in Hungary.


Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle) on Hősök tere hosts exhibitions of contemporary arts, while the Museum of Fine Arts features exhibitions of international and Hungarian artists.


Fans of photography should visit the Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre. The Csontváry Museum – a must-see museum in Pécs – showcases the life’s work of the lonely genius of Hungarian painting, while in Szentendre, the largest open-air museum in the country is not to be missed.


The House of Terror Museum commemorates the victims of dictatorships.

Museum of Fine Arts

What the Prado is in Madrid, the Louvre in Paris, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, the National Gallery in London, the Museum of Fine Arts is in Budapest. Masterpieces from antiquity to contemporary art.

Hungarian National Gallery

The Hungarian National Gallery in Buda Castle is the largest public collection of Hungarian fine art. Its thematic and historical exhibitions introduce visitors not only to the different periods of Hungarian art history, but also to the country’s past.

Ethnographic Museum in Szentendre

Would you like to see how Hungarian villagers spent their days centuries ago? Would you like to experience for yourself the atmosphere of times past?

Wine Museum in Tokaj

The wine region is presented in interactive exhibitions which take you around the area on foot, by bicycle or by car, without you having to leave the building.

Hungarian National Museum

The Neoclassical Hungarian National Museum in the Palace District presents the history of Hungary from the prehistoric period through the Middle Ages to modern times. The garden around the building is also the perfect venue for a leisurely stroll.




Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park

When walking through the Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park, it is easy to understand the historic moment when the Magyars, as a nomadic people of Asiatic origin, finally settled in Europe in the 890s, next to the Frankish Empire. You can even try living like the ancestors of modern Hungarians.

WONDERS OF HUNGARY: MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS, BUDAPESTWe have launched a mini-series entitled Wonders of Hungary, occasionally presenting our country's beautiful treasures in about a minute to inspire you. Welcome to part 13, in which we roam the halls of the impressive Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest.
Wonders of Hungary: Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest
Wonders of Hungary - Ópusztaszer National Heritage Park
Wonders of Hungary: Buda Castle District
Wonders of Hungary: Deri Museum, Debrecen

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