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Contemporary art galleries in Hungary

MODEMDebrecen Debrecen and surroundings

Whether you’re a fan of contemporary art or simply just want to become familiar with it and are seeking truly progressive exhibitions featuring the latest artists and current trends, you will want to check out one of the following galleries.

Museums and institutions

Dunaújváros Institute of Contemporary Art

An institution and exhibition space with its own art collection, where a wide range of contemporary works of art are on display.

GODOT Institute of Contemporary Art

This art centre is located in the heart of Óbuda, on the historical and industrial site of the Goldberger factory. With its huge spaces and four-storey building complex, it is one of the key strongholds of Hungarian contemporary art. Godot Laboratory, a brand new scene in Hungarian contemporary art life, also operates within its walls.

Ludwig Museum

A contemporary museum with an extremely forward-looking theme (even by international standards), whose temporary exhibitions are always of great interest. The best of fine, photographic, video, kinetic and experimental art is presented, with countless accompanying events and activities on offer. Its exhibition spaces feature an atmosphere that is 21st century to the core.

MODEM Modern and Contemporary Arts Centre

This cultural centre in Debrecen houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions. In addition to paintings, there are also photographs, installations and many other works, even from experimental genres, on display.

Műcsarnok (Kunsthalle)

This mostly hosts exhibitions of contemporary Hungarian art, but works by foreign contemporary artists are also showcased five or six times a year. In particular, the pioneering works of Central and Eastern European artists are frequently presented.


One of Szentendre’s cultural institutions, which is primarily a gallery of contemporary and modern art, but also a venue for performances and co-art productions.

Paks Picture Gallery

The modern picture gallery housed in the building complex of the former cannery

basically focuses on concrete-constructive, minimal, conceptual and media arts. The institution also has a relatively large art media library.

Robert Capa Contemporary Photography Centre

A repository of contemporary visual art and Hungarian photography.

Szombathely Picture Gallery

The Gallery is mainly the site of temporary and permanent exhibitions by contemporary and avant-garde artists, but its 2,500 piece textile collection and the related miniature textile works also make this exhibition commendable.


Art districts and larger galleries

Galleries on Bartók Béla Boulevard in Buda


Artphoto Gallery

Besides the most renowned Hungarian photographers, the exhibitions featuring contemporary Hungarian photographers also feature up-and-coming young artists and those representing new trends.


B32 Gallery

This gallery and cultural space is one of the intellectual centres of Bartók Béla Boulevard. Included among its activities are theatre performances, concerts and exhibitions. Besides contemporary art, the gallery in the institution is strongly open to design, not only with its applied art exhibitions, but also with its regular design fairs.


Faur Zsófi Gallery

One of the most popular exhibition spaces for contemporary painting and sculpture in Hungary, mainly thanks to the fact that it is not just a venue, but an ever-bustling cultural space to which people gladly keep returning.


Godot Gallery

The gallery of the GODOT Institute of Contemporary Art, where the general public can meet the top names of contemporary Hungarian painting in the city centre.


K.A.S. Gallery

In addition to contemporary fine art, photography and applied arts exhibitions, literary evenings, book presentations and contemporary dance and music performances complete the activities on offer at this gallery.


The gallery district of Bródy Sándor utca


Ari Kupsus Gallery

Contemporary paintings in an antique interior. Old furniture with paintings by young artists create an incredible atmosphere.


Molnár Ani Gallery

Exciting contemporary exhibitions in a pleasant downtown setting. Specialising in installations, paintings, sculptures and photography, as well as video and new media art.


Red Door Gallery

Here you can regularly see the latest works by contemporary Hungarian artists, supplemented week after week with exciting musical events, so the place is characterised by a truly intimate atmosphere.


Resident Art Budapest

Here they primarily organise art fairs, exhibitions and co-art events, as well as downtown art-themed walks, where the galleries, art shops, contemporary exhibitions and creators of Budapest are presented. In the summer, they maintain a fine-arts base in Lovas, on the northern shore of Lake Balaton.


TOBE Gallery

This fine-art gallery deals with Latin American and Hungarian contemporary photography and collage art. Its exhibitions are exciting and novel, often incorporating surprising images into the repertoire.


Falk Miksa utca Gallery Promenade

The number of galleries – with many contemporary examples among them – is so large here that just listing them is a difficult task. We therefore suggest that you simply walk down the street and you’re guaranteed to stumble upon a gallery at every corner.


Gallery Max

This is a relatively new initiative, featuring the paintings of contemporary Hungarian painters, which are also available for purchase on site. The easy-going milieu is just like the one where the pictures will ultimately end up. After all, the exhibition space itself is provided by a department of the MaxCity furniture store in Törökbálint. Exhibitions at this unusual venue are sometimes accompanied by pop-up and outdoor events.



The exhibition house on Andrássy út presents pieces from high-class private collections.


Szentendre gallery row

Szentendre is famous not only for its promenade along the Danube and cobblestone streets with their Mediterranean atmosphere, but also for the fact that nowhere else in the country is the number of museums and small galleries per capita so high.


Small galleries in Budapest

2B Gallery

The aim of this contemporary gallery on Ráday utca is to create transitions between genres and to integrate exciting, novel experiments on the boundaries between different disciplines of art.


acb Gallery

The gallery's portfolio encompasses contemporary art and the Hungarian neo-avant-garde.


Abigail Gallery

The gallery typically presents the works of contemporary Hungarian painters, but sometimes a thematic exhibition of certain foreign artists also takes place at this small place off Váci utca.


Budapest Gallery

An exhibition space interpreting visuals openly, which focuses on fine arts as well as organising exhibitions in photography and media art, architecture, applied arts and design.


Glassyard Gallery

A progressive gallery working with independent curators, with the former director of the Ludwig Museum among its founders.


Horizont Gallery

The contemporary commercial gallery showcases progressive, experimental artists in the genres of painting, installations and new media.


Knoll Gallery

The Knoll opened as the first contemporary private gallery in Central and Eastern Europe. It presents the works of Hungarian and Eastern European artists in Western countries and vice versa.


Koller Gallery

A private gallery that has been operating continuously in the castle district since 1953. It has a cosy inner garden and its exhibition halls are located on three levels, with the attic housing a memorial room of Hungarian sculptor Amerigo Tot.


Lena and Roselli Gallery

A gallery with international connections, which presents famous and promising works of contemporary Hungarian art downtown.


MET Gallery

The country's first gallery of electrographic works in Újbuda.



This establishment is a gallery involved with contemporary digital art. Digital because it specialises in digital art, and those who create in the fields of video art, photography and installation. It’s also digital because it creates a live, online platform for art lovers.


Nádor Gallery

This gallery is an extended studio of sorts that also functions as a gallery club. The professional artists associated with the gallery live or work in the district. Based on the works on display, you might not imagine this was the case, since they regularly compile extremely high-quality material.


Neon Gallery

The gallery, transformed from Árpád Tóth's Nagymező utca apartment into an exhibition space, showcases the work of artists working in a wide variety of media, be it installation, photography or painting.


Trafó Gallery

The Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest – where, among other things, various genres such as theatre, dance, new circus and musical productions are presented in a unique and authentic way – has a small gallery that is a welcoming home for contemporary visual arts.


Várfok Gallery

A gallery in Buda, specialising exclusively in contemporary art, which opened immediately after the political transition in 1990.


Vasarely Museum Budapest

A museum presenting the works and life of Victor Vasarely. The exhibition encompasses the artist's creative era, from advertising graphics produced in Hungary to op-art works and plastic works from the 60s and 70s.


VILTIN Gallery

The gallery exhibits the works of internationally renowned masters as well as artists who actively shape the Hungarian fine-art scene, as well as the works of young, emerging talents.


Poster and print galleries

Printa Gallery

Printa is a truly multifunctional design shop, screen-printing studio, gallery and cafe in one. The gallery showcases works of contemporary art, mainly screen-printed posters.



In the extremely friendly white-box concept environment, graphics and paintings, vintage and screen-printed posters are exhibited alongside the works of contemporary Hungarian applied artists and object designers. It is no exaggeration to say the elite of Hungarian design can be found here.


Deák17 Gallery

The Deák17 Children and Youth Art Gallery is not only an exhibition space, but also an activity space, dedicated to young people's artistic learning and innovation. The exhibition space itself hosts thematic temporary exhibitions that present Budapest's cultural monuments, children's and youth creations, as well as thoughts about the future.