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All you need to know about Hungarian motorway tolls

Wherever you're going in Hungary, you can travel on safe, high-quality, European standard roads. But it comes at a price. 

You can travel on Hungarian motorways and dual carriageways by motorbike, car, bus, with a trailer, or with trucks under 3.5 tonnes only with a valid motorway vignette. The rules do not require you to have a physical sticker on your windshield, so you can pay electronically. Vignettes can be purchased at petrol stations or via this link without a convenience fee. 

When to buy it?

Just as you have to buy a ticket in advance for public transport, you also have to buy the sticker before driving onto the motorway. If you forget to buy the sticker, you still have an hour to stop and buy it at a petrol station or online (of course not while driving). You need a sticker not only on motorways but also on dual carriageways. 

Which one to buy?

The shortest is the weekly national sticker, valid from the starting day and the next nine days. 


The monthly sticker is valid from the starting day until the 24th hour of the same day of the following month, or until the 24th hour of the last day of the month. 


It’s worth buying an annual sticker if you travel around Hungary often for personal reasons or on business. This can be used from the first day of the current year or from the date of purchase in the current year until midnight on 31 January of the following year. So it can be valid for up to 13 months. 

Important note

For 10-day and monthly vignettes it is important to note that if you do not specify the start of the validity period, the vignette is valid for road use from the date of purchase.


You can also buy a county vignette, which can only be used on the tolled expressway network of the county in question. 


When purchasing a motorway sticker, check the data recorded for the e-vignette before paying: the licence plate number, the country code, the price category, the validity period and the county, if you are buying a county vignette. If you enter the data incorrectly, you may have to pay an additional fee.