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The hottest and sunniest wine region in the country offers truly exquisite wines. Visit Villány!

Open cellarsVillányPécs region

The southernmost wine region of the country, where everything is about wine on every inch of the 2,100 hectares of land. No wonder: the fiery red wines of Villány and white nectars of Siklós are among the most famous Hungarian wines.

If you take the Villány-Siklós wine route, you can visit unique places while tasting some of the country’s finest. The sub-Mediterranean climate sweetens grapes during the hot summer days, and the wine made from these grapes enchants wine-lovers with its ruby-red colour and full-bodied taste.

Swabian traditions and the Portugieser

The Swabians who settled here in the 18th century were the first to make Portugieser, a wine that has been typical of the region since; they were also the ones who built cellars and developed the infrastructure of the surrounding area. The small cellar villages of the region are still open to visitors today. Anywhere you go along the Villány Hills, from the shrine in Máriagyűd to the cellar village of Palkonya, you will find wine-tasting events and listed heritage cellars, as well as wine competitions intended to entertain visitors. Rent a bike or put on your hiking boots to discover the surrounding countryside. When you feel hungry, visit one of the press-houses, now turned into restaurants, among the long rows of wine cellars. And if you want to discover local flavours, just try the cockerel stew, the plum and onion flan or the catfish stew.

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