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Adventures on mountaintops and in depths of caves


The volcanic hills towering over Lake Balaton provide the perfect terrain for on-foot discovery of local attractions; however, the region also offers numerous opportunities for people to view the landmarks of the Balaton Uplands National Park on bicycle and even horseback.

Looking for a more intensive workout? Choose a round-the-lake bicycle tour or spend a day with the family in one of the lakeside adventure parks!

The volcanic hills towering over Lake Balaton provide the perfect terrain for discovering local attractions on foot.

The 210-kilometre-long Balaton Bicycle Circle mostly follows the shoreline, on cycle roads – with minimal differences in altitude. If you do not bring a bicycle with you, but you fancy cycling around, you can use one of the bikes at the pick-up & drop-off rental locations.

The Balaton Uplands – a prospective World Heritage Site – awaits visitors with fascinating geological attractions. Admire the beauty of the panorama from the lookout sites of the National Park, discover the wilderness of basalt organs, seek out the geyser fields of the Tihany Peninsula and pick yourself a fragrant bouquet of flowers in the lavender field.

Traverse this volcanic-butte bounded area whose peaks rose from what was once the Pannonian Sea! Have you ever gone boating underneath a town? If not, visit the Tapolca Lake Cave, where you can row through water-filled passageways! Do you crave fascinating underground experiences? Put on some overalls and descend into the Csodabogyós Cave! While you are out walking, the natural beauty of the Kis-Balaton (Lake Balaton Minor) region will also unfold before your eyes. Climb up to the bird watching station on Kányavár Island and then take a detour to the buffalo reserve of Kápolnapuszta, where you can observe Hungary’s largest buffalo herd as they wallow in the mud!

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