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3+1 thermal baths that are also unique natural formations

Egerszalók Eger region

Some of the wellness baths in Hungary, where medicinal and thermal water is in abundance, also use the healing power of natural wonders, which are unique even on a global scale. Discover some special places that are both spectacular and pampering at the same time.

Would you like to swim in a cave or enjoy a natural formation that is similar to the limestone terraces in Pamukkale, Turkey? Or would you prefer sitting in a healing gas bath, fully dressed? All this and more is possible in Hungary, since the country is a superpower when it comes to baths located in special natural surroundings. Let us see which the most intriguing ones are.

Egerszalók: spectacular salt terraces

Everyone has seen the world-famous salt and lime stone terraces in Pamukkale, if nothing else in photos. But did you know that there is a place just like it in Hungary? The minerals released from the thermal water of Egerszalók dripped down the hillside and created a 1,200-square-metre, awe-inspiring landscape consisting of snow-white terraces, very much like those in Pamukkale and in Yosemite National Park, USA. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to go directly up the hill because the water that bubbles up is around 65-68ºC, but you can enjoy the view of this unique formation from a safe distance of 4-5 metres just the same. At night, it is lit up in all colours of the rainbow.

The calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonated thermal water of the nearby Saliris Resort Spa and Wellness Bath effectively cures atherosclerosis, joint and rheumatic pains, bone injuries, nerve inflammation, metabolic disorders and also certain gynaecological and skin problems. Of course, you will also find some pampering wellness services here, combined with saunas and massages.


Miskolctapolca: swimming in a cave

One of the most well-known natural treasures of Miskolc and its region is the cave that was discovered in 1936 and that served as a basis for today’s Cave Bath. The special atmosphere, healing climate and 31ºC water of the cave offers help to those suffering from musculoskeletal, respiratory, stomach and gut problems and cardiovascular diseases, which the water can improve, plus the experience that visitors find here is incomparable. The mystic echo in the Star Hall, the jet surging from the natural limestone and the atmosphere of the Roman Hall enchant every visitor, but in the summer, you can even enjoy bathing in the outdoor pools as well: there are three pools for the children, plus an adventure pool and a swimming pool to make your day in the bath complete. In addition to the pools, there are several saunas, and the Cave Hydro Therapy combines traditional folk medicine with modern technology to offer medicinal, beauty and recreational services to visitors.

Hévíz Lake: a favourite for thousands of years

Every generation has some memories of the healing therapies in Hévíz and it is no wonder, since this natural thermal lake has been used for healing and rejuvenating since Roman times. True development came in the 18th century with the help of the Festetics family. This was the time when the lake covering the 60.5 hectare nature reserve area became a popular thermal bath, and its popularity has remained intact ever since. The turquoise water of the lake has a complex healing effect, and its beauty is also pleasing to the tired mind and soul. In summer, the temperature of the thermal water is 33-36ºC, while in winter it is 23-25ºC, since the water circulates constantly and is naturally replaced. Visitors swim together with the aquatic wildlife, the water lilies floating on the surface, the fish, the pond tortoises, the ducks and swans. The vapour cap floating above the water is particularly good for your vocal cords.

Services like the mud wrap with medicinal mud, the weight bath, the massages, the drinking therapy and the active sports activities in the neighbourhood (e.g. Nordic Walking) serve to help people heal and relax.


Mátraderecske: fully dressed in a gas bath

The fumarole in Mátraderecske holds a special place among the thermal baths in Hungary. We are not talking about a traditional water bath, but a healing gas with high carbon-dioxide and low radon content. The treatments offered in the gas bath built on a geological fault-line improve artery, varicose vein and lymphatic vessel diseases in the limbs, rehabilitation after vein and vessel surgery, and numerous musculoskeletal diseases. Treatments are only available on the recommendation of your doctor, since there are several contraindications (such as susceptibility to thrombosis and inflammations). Since this is not a traditional water bath, you do not need to bring a bathing suit: the gas bath is special in that people are fully dressed and this is how they sit on the benches in the dry “pools”, enjoying the curative effects of the gas for 15-25 minutes a day over 15 days.