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3 Tips for a Lavender Scented Stroll by Lake Balaton


Lavender is one of the most beloved and versatile medicinal herbs, known for its soothing effects for millennia. If you are looking to just get our of the rat race a little and recharge your body and soul, why not take a stroll through the lavender fields that bloom in shades of purple for much of the summer by Lake Balaton? 

Lavender typically blooms in June and July, making it a great time to visit the lavender farms around Lake Balaton. You can even pick lavender for yourself. When dried in a dark place, it will retain its essential oil content, colour, and fragrance for a long time.  


Among other benefits lavender helps relieve stress, alleviate headache, strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammatory and rheumatic muscle pain, soothe the burning sensation from insect bites and speed up the healing of minor abrasions.

A Wealth of Programmes in Tihany

Tihany is the birthplace of lavender cultivation in Hungary. Coming from France and found almost only in monastery gardens, the medicinal herb lavender was introduced to larger‑scale cultivation here over a century ago by renowned herbalist and chemist of the time Gyula Bittera. For nearly two decades now, every summer when the lavender blooms, the scenic peninsula has been the venue for the Lavender Weeks Festival. This time of the year local restaurants, pastry shops and handicraft stores are filled with lavender-based delicacies, cosmetics, and various other products made from this medicinal herb. And you can also choose from a wide array of related programmes. You can even have a go at picking lavender yourself and fill your harvest basket with the fragrant flowers of this beautiful plant.

The Unique Atmosphere of Lavender Gardens

If you are looking for the finest quality organic lavender, head to Dörgicse, not far from Tihany. The family‑run organic farm Levendárium started in the early 2000s now spreads across several hectares, shrouding the land around in the scent of over 30 varieties of organic lavender grown here. And then there is Monoszló, just a stone’s throw away from Dörgicse, where the French lavender is spectacularly complemented by the lighter hue English lavender during the second and third blooming seasons, which often extend into autumn. 

Wonder on the Southern Shore

The southern shore of Lake Balaton, near Balatonföldvár, boasts a surprisingly modestly known but vast, fragrant, and beautiful lavender field. Established in 2012, the Kőröshegyi Levendulás (Kőröshegy Lavender Farm) cultivates the dark purple lavender native to Tihany as well as the lighter‑hued, modern French lavender, across seven hectares. The estate is open to visitors during the spring tulip, daffodil and lavender blooming seasons in the summer when, needless to say, you can also pick the flowers yourself. 


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