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5+1 truly romantic Hungarian towns

Malom lakeTapolcaBalaton

Where would you go with your love? Would you like to spend a whole afternoon or even a whole day holding hands and wandering around the streets of a romantic small or larger town? Fortunately, Hungary is full of places like this. 

1. Szentendre: a favourite among people in love

You can easily get to this little town on the banks of the Danube: just take the suburban train and you will find yourself in the favourite place of lovers from Budapest, which is often visited by many couples from farther away. The Duna Promenade is practically a compulsory activity, but if you venture into the narrow little streets for a stroll, the experience will be extraordinary. Walk up to the top of Templomdomb to admire the panorama of the town, with its red clay roofs. The walk from the Danube to Vashíd and Bükkös Stream will take a while, but don’t worry if you get hungry on the way, since the town is full of excellent restaurants, cafés and confectioneries, where you can enjoy a quiet romantic meal any time.

2. Kőszeg: the gemstone of Alpokalja

Kőszeg, also known as the jewel of Alpokalja, is a quaint little town. The houses in the old town, the main square, Heroes’ Gate and Jurisics Castle that survived even the attack of the Turkish army in 1532 will take you back to the Middle Ages. One of the country’s most beautiful boating lakes is found on the outskirts of the town, just a 15-minute walk from the old town. Why not enjoy a quiet stroll on the shore? Once you are here, you should continue your walk to Kálvária Church, where you will have a wonderful view of the whole town, which is particularly spectacular at sunset. And if you have time for a short outing, you should definitely visit the Szulejmán Lookout Tower towards Királyvölgy, just for the sake of the beautiful panorama.  

3. Tapolca: lake in the cave, mill on the lake

Malom Lake in Tapolca is a favourite wedding photo spot, and no wonder. Its Mediterranean atmosphere, houses that take you back in time and huge millwheel all make it a perfect place for a slow lovers’ stroll. If you then want more excitement, just visit the Lake Cave. Enjoy its special atmosphere and the enjoyment of boating on a cave lake. 

4. Eger: brimming with romantic places

Eger is a town that is famous not only for its castle, but also for its small romantic courtyards and squares to discover with your love. The Minaret and the surrounding area are particularly beautiful at night, when the 40-metre-tall tower is lit with blue lights and the atmosphere around the ruins of the church next to it becomes unique. Dobó tér, the town’s main square, is a busy Mediterranean experience while at the same time, also very intimate. Érsekkert, the garden of the archbishop’s palace, offers you many beautiful spots for a date: along the stream, in the park, by the artificial lake or by the fountain. And if you stay for the night, your evening activity should definitely be wine tasting in Szépasszony-völgy. 

5. Siklós: a stroll and a plunge in the pools

Siklós is the town where the story of the film Tenkes kapitánya (Captain of the Outlaws) takes place. It attracts visitors not only with its castle, but also with the romantic atmosphere of the whole town. You can take a relaxing stroll along the street of this little town, or have private guided tours in the Serbian Church and the Malkocs Bej Mosque, since both places are only open to visitors who make a specific request. A day in the thermal bath of Siklós, and you will soon forget your everyday troubles. 

+1: Budapest: the romantic city

When talking about romantic destinations in Hungary, we should not forget Budapest, the capital that is often remembered by international stars as one of the most romantic cities in the world. From the narrow little streets of the Castle District to the city-centre avenues, boating or skating on City Park Lake, the restaurants and cafés, or parks and heights with beautiful panoramic views, it is almost impossible to list all the romantic places and routes that will enchant lovers in this city. Take a walk to Normafa, then hike up to the Elisabeth Lookout Tower and return to the foot of the hill on the Zugliget Chairlift.