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A film location with a global reputation: the old town centre in Sopron

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If you have sharp eyes, you’ll notice that the old town centre in Sopron appears in many old Hungarian films, as well as in some 21st century foreign series.

But why not visit the rightfully famous and popular city of Sopron in person? The 58-metre Fire Tower reigns over the Main Square of central Sopron, which is surrounded by the historic city wall. The Gate of Loyalty, which decorates the side of the tower facing the square, commemorates the referendum of 1921, when the citizens of Sopron had to decide whether they wanted to be part of Hungary or Austria. But the square also has some other interesting features: this is where you will find the sculpture of the Holy Trinity and one of the most famous buildings in Sopron, the Storno House where King Matthias, Ferenc Liszt and István Széchenyi all spent a few nights when visiting the town. If you walk southward, you will soon find Széchenyi tér, which was once the so-called Kétpék Lake, where, as legend has it, people dunked all the bakers who sold them bread that was lighter than the standard. The lake was later drained, planted trees replaced water and the land was gifted to the town by István Széchenyi.

Streets full of ecclesiastical relics and architectural masterpieces

The most valuable and most famous historical building in Sopron, the Fabricius house, is just a short walk from the Fire Tower. Two-storey loggias are spectacular elements of the courtyard, which is made even more interesting by the open staircases. There are also plenty of places of worship here in Sopron. One of the most interesting of these is the Benedictine Goat Church in Templom utca which, according to the legend, was named after the goat that unearthed some treasure where the church stands today, and which was later used to build the church. The Old Synagogue in Sopron was built in a Gothic style, and is one of Europe’s three medieval synagogues with a tripartite design. So many historical buildings and sights, but fear not, you will not be left to discover them on your own. If you feel a little overwhelmed and need some help, you can ask for the assistance of a professional tour guide, or even join one of the specialised tours organised by the Museum of Sopron.

When you are done with the cultural activities, it’s time to relax

Central Sopron is full of lovely cafés, and the children can discover times past with the exhibitions at the Macskakő Children’s Museum, which you will find in the Eggenberg House.

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