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An abundance of activities and sights in Miskolc and the area

MiskolcEger region

This is the town where every generation will find an adventure for themselves. Whether it’s just strolling the streets of the city centre, a gastro-tour, a small excursion to Hill Avas or a special festival experience, Miskolc and its surrounding area with many faces is the perfect location for you, too.  

The inner town: the historical Miskolc

While wandering the centre of the town, it’s worth visiting Erzsébet (Elisabeth) Square, the lovers’ bridge on Szinva Terrace, and also the flower clock on Szent István (St Stephen) Square. Thereafter, dive into the gastronomy of the town in the restaurants along the promenade. The wooden church, “Deszkatemplom” is a must-see. It has a vivid history with multiple threats of collapsing, then it burnt down before the millennium, but thanks to the donations and contributions of local people, it has been rebuilt. In the nearby orthodox church, you will find the biggest iconostases of Central Europe. 

Excursion to Avas: lookout tower and wineries

There’s a good reason for having a bunch of grapes on the town’s coat of arms: in this region, people have been cultivating grapes since the 14th century. On the slopes of Hill Avas in the centre of Miskolc, there are more than 900 wineries and cellars, which is unique in Europe. The Calvinist church with the 16th century belfry on the hillside is the symbol of the town, and also the lookout tower across to Avas not far away, from where you can enjoy an unbelievable panorama of the area. 

In Tündérkert (Fairy Garden), you travel to the world of fairy tales

This wonderful place is located next to the Castle of Diósgyőr, and awaits visitors of all ages with timber walkways, rose gates, carved sculptures, a tree-house terrace and the most outstanding sight of the area: a Venetian carousel. In Tündérkert, you will really find yourself in the world of fairy tales, as the wonders of the garden are revealed along a yellow brick road. 

Lillafüred and Miskolctapolca

Lillafüred is one of the treasure chests of Miskolc. Experience the impressive hanging garden of Palota Szálló (Hotel Palace) at Lake Hámori, or rent a small boat and paddle on the lake. Don’t forget to have a look at the Szinva waterfall, which is the tallest of its kind in the country.


Miskolctapolca is a typical holiday town. Its natural conditions make it a place of unrivalled sights and experiences for visitors. In the Miskolctapolca Cave Baths, you can enjoy wild waters in a natural formation unique throughout all of Europe. 

Festivals: the world of films, wine and chivalry

Miskolc does not lack cultural activities either: this is where the CineFest International Film Festival of Miskolc is held, where several of the most significant works of the year debut. In the cellars of Avas, you can choose from various activities and wines, especially during the event called “Avasi Borangolás” (wine wander at Hill Avas). Tournament Square adjacent to the Castle of Diósgyőr (currently being renovated) offers concerts and historical shows. 


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