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Countless sights condensed into a fairy-tale world: picturesque Lillafüred 

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If you’re seeking a destination in Hungary, we wholeheartedly recommend Lillafüred: here, your only ‘problem’ may be putting the wonderful sights that this place has to offer in your order of preference. Head to Bükk, head to Lillafüred!

Although Lillafüred is administratively part of the city of Miskolc, it is actually located about 15 km from the city. This small jewel-box is located on the eastern edge of the Bükk Mountains, where the Garadna and Szinva valleys meet, on the shores of Lake Hámori, surrounded by magical beech forests. Lillafüred was declared a holiday resort in 1892 on the proposal of Count András Bethlen, Minister of Agriculture. Legend has it that the place got its name from the count's niece, Elizabeth Vay (nicknamed Lilla).

Sights in Lillafüred – things not to miss

Lillafüred has so many wonderful sights and activities to offer that it’s almost difficult to choose which one to start with. Be sure to go to these places during your trip to Lillafüred.


Hotel Palota

The Neo-Renaissance style building was built between 1927 and 1930 over Lake Hámori. The hotel has been renovated since then and has become a truly impressive building. Be sure to take a stroll to Hotel Palota even if you don't want to stay here: on the one hand, because you can walk around it, and the sight is beautiful from the outside; on the other, because Mátyás Hall, decorated with huge stained glass windows, functions as a Renaissance restaurant where you can sample some really delicious dishes.


The waterfall and the hanging garden

You’ll see that Hotel Palota was built on the top of a steep hill, reinforced with retaining walls, and a promenade system was created where you can admire botanical rarities. From here, you can get to the Anna Cave and the statue of one of Hungary’s best known poets, Attila József – because he wrote his well-known poem Óda (Ode) here. This is also where you can see the 20-metre waterfall, through which the Szinva stream reaches into Miskolc by touching Felső-Hámor. Lake Hámori is fed by the Garadna stream.

Anna Cave

Only a few so-called limestone tuff caves exist worldwide: this means that the water does not hollow out the cave, but the lime that has dissolved from the stream is deposited gradually, thus building up the wall of the cave. The Anna Cave is such a cave, where – on a roughly half-hour guided tour – you can admire curiosities such as the heart-shaped formation in the Heart of Jesus Hall or the formation called Eve’s Apple Tree, which truly resembles a living tree.


St Stephen Cave

This cave was formed by karst water entering the depths through the sinkholes of the Bükk’s Great Plateau. You can discover passages rich in varied stalactites, with exciting formations such as the Dome Hall and the Giant Waterfall.


Lake Hámori

We recommend Lake Hámori mainly for fishing enthusiasts, but it is also a good destination if you like rowing or pedal boating. The beauty of the lake and its surroundings are simply enchanting.


Molnár Rock

There is a rather sad legend attached to this rock on the side of the Hámori Valley: it is said that a lord asked a miller’s daughter to marry him, but a young miller (molnár in Hungarian) stole her heart. However, this way the lovers could not be each other’s so they threw themselves into the deep. This is how this rock came to be called Molnár (Miller’s) Rock.


Lillafüred Narrow-gauge Railway

This narrow-gauge railway rail is extremely popular with families and couples in love, as it is one of Hungary’s most beautiful examples, starting from Miskolc and ending in Garadna. The Lillafüred station building also houses a small exhibition summarising the history of the railway.


Lillafüred Sports and Adventure Park

For those who prefer spending their holidays actively, this adventure park is a great choice: there is a laser tag arena, a high-altitude zipline, a Segway course, a roller-skating rink, a themed playground, a streetball and poolball court, as well as a charming picnic area.


Lillafüred Cable Car

There is a cable car from 400 meters the adventure park. With the help of the 1080 m long cable, we can rise to the level of 273 m. This is already the Bükk National Park's area, the forest is dense at the top of the mount, so the panorama isn't complete. But the crystal clear air compensates you for this shortcoming.


One thing’s for sure: whatever entertainment option you are looking for, active or passive, picturesque Lillafüred is the perfect choice. Head to the Bükk Mountains.

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