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Csodabogyós Cave

Csodabogyós CaveBalatonedericsBalaton

Csodabogyós Cave can be found in the Balaton Uplands National Park, a strictly protected area near Balatonederics, at 393 metres above sea level. 

It was named after a protected Mediterranean plant – the butcher’s broom – a prickly evergreen Eurasian shrub (Ruscus aculeatus -- csodabogyó in Hungarian), which grows at the cave’s entrance, and whose habitat reaches its northern border here. The galleries of the cave were created by tectonic movements resulting in formations of corridors, halls and shafts. It has a multilevel structure with a cave network, and its fissures widen as they get deeper, acting as natural geological cross sections and demonstrating the upper limestone layers of the Ederics region that surrounds the cave, dating from the Triassic Age. The cave was explored in the 1990's, although a shorter section had already been discovered in the 1970's; however, it was only fully prepared for tourism and opening to visitors many years later. The currently known corridors extend over six kilometres, making it the eighth longest cave in Hungary, at a depth of 136 metres below ground.  

The cave has been made climbable with ladders, and the sections not open to visitors can be viewed with permission from the Directorate of the Balaton Uplands National Park: the staff of the park organise special guided tours of the cave.


Csodabogyós Cave can be visited for cave climbing training tours: its easily walkable spaces and dimensions provide an optimal terrain for learning the techniques of cave climbing and exploration, as well as for studying tectonic formations and processes. Owing to its spectacular formations, cave climbers are treated to one of the richest stalactite systems of the Transdanubia, with spectacular stalactites and stalagmites. Organised tours are offered in two versions: the basic tour leads through the areas named Fairy Tale Land, Birthing Place and Hanging Garden, while extreme sports enthusiasts can also visit the Eiffel Tower and Ski Track sections.