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Don't know where to go on a weekend trip? We'll show you

The short videos on the Wonderful Hungary (Csodás Magyarország) YouTube channel are constantly being updated so you can check out as many exciting sites in Hungary as possible, before you set out to see them for yourself. 

Hungary's official tourism YouTube channel highlights our most beautiful landscapes and gives you an insight into our traditions. You can also find out about typical Hungarian dishes, whether they’re classic or updated. And if that wasn't enough, you’ll find cool content such as festival summaries and DJ sets recorded at special places around Hungary. 

We have collected them. You just have to take your pick

If you visit the Wonderful Hungary YouTube channel, you can choose between shorts and videos. 


You can search based on playlists: for example, here in the Wonders of Hungary series, you can find offers for weekend trip locations: the National Botanical Garden in Vácrátót, the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music or the Krishna Valley in Somogyvámos. In Destinations you can get ideas for longer trips – to Gyula, Szeged, Győr-Pannonhalma, Debrecen, Pécs-Villány and many other places. 

The favourite places of our best-known athletes

You can also watch short introductory films about Hungary's sports facilities, and – talking about sports – we asked our best-known athletes to recommend their favourite places. For example: Pál Dárdai talks about the Esztergom area, Éva Risztov about Debrecen and Zsombor Berecz about the Balaton Uplands. On our playlist called Home ground, we toured the country with some of the Ferencváros football team’s players, including Endre Botka and Dénes Dibusz. If you feel like it, join them on this autumn trip! You won’t regret it.

We also bring offers from YouTubers

In our series Living landscapes we asked well-known people and popular content creators for personal stories about particular Hungarian regions, so you can see how Henry Kettner talks about Lillafüred, Regina Galambos-Parti about Eger or Zergi Bori about Kőszeg. 

You have to eat – but what, and where?

In our series Tastes of Hungary, we invited Marcsi Borbás to help prepare the finest Hungarian delicacies and share the recipes with you. You will soon need the recipe for the Christmas Gerbeaud cake, and you should also save the video about making Goosefoot (Lúdláb) cake and fish soup. 


The hosts of our Traveller cooking show, Tomi Dános and Norbi Kiss, also hit the road in several parts of the series and prepare delicacies associated with some of Hungary's most exciting locations. For example, Tomi is a passionate skier, so he and Norbi couldn't miss visiting one of Hungary's slopes, Mátraszentistván, during the ski season to make Dampfnudel (steamed noodle), lots of people’s favourite in the hütte. 


Make sure you visit our YouTube channel because we can't list all of Hungary’s attractions here.