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Dos and don’ts on New Year’s Day

Once everyone has left your New Year's Eve party, you should tidy up before you go to bed, because if it’s a mess on 1 January, chaos will follow you all year round. Here are some superstitions about how to make good luck for yourself in 2024.

You probably know people who still believe that the first day of the new year will affect their whole year, and what they do on 1 January will affect what they do all year round. So on the first day of the year, they meet their family and friends, have a big lunch, do sports, avoid arguments, relax or read. Our ancestors did this too, but they also attached a lot of superstitions to 1 January to make sure they would have a great year. Let's see. 

What should be on the table?

Of course, what to eat on the first day of the year was an important question. A little tip: if you eat sweets at this time, your whole year will be sweet. That one’s not too hard to stick to!


If you eat fish on the first of January, the scales will make you rich since they are small like beans or lentils, which are also recommended at this time. But make sure you eat the fish from the tail, otherwise your luck will run out. It was an old custom to cut a whole loaf of bread with the family on New Year's Day, which meant that the family would have enough food throughout the year. But it’s also a good idea to eat fruit on New Year's Day and, in fact, on any other day of the year. According to tradition, this is an especially good tip for people involved in business because they can reach fruitful agreements.

Men should enter first

Our ancestors found it important to start the new year without debts, so they tried to settle debts before the new year, and this is great advice even today. However, it’s a more difficult task not to let the fire go out on New Year’s Day. And don’t use scissors because this will cut you off from good luck. Make sure that you don't buy all the discounted products from online stores on 1 January because according to superstition, if you spend on New Year’s Day, you’ll be losing money for the rest of the year. However, if the pantry is full, it means abundance. You probably do your shopping in advance since shops are closed anyway! If you have to see the doctor on the first of January, it is supposed to mean illness for the whole year. Hopefully you can avoid this. 


It’s important to watch who comes into your home first on New Year’s Day because if it’s a man, it is a good sign for the future. According to superstition, if a woman or a bad-tempered guest arrives, it will bring sorrow to the people of the house, so you should ask people with a hangover to come on the second of January... 


Ladies looking for love are advised to wear red underwear on the first day of the year because it can help them find a partner in the year to come.