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Enjoy the healing bubbles of Ottoman bath culture: The Király Bath awaits

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The Turkish occupation of Hungary was left a positive legacy: To this day you can enjoy one of the pearls of Ottoman bath culture in the Király Bath, which has been around for almost half a century. Immerse yourself in the healing bubbles in Budapest’s 2nd district.  

What you should know about the history of the Király Bath

The Király Bath, located in the 2nd district of Budapest, has been standing for more than 450 years and serves visitors who want to relax and recover. Arslan Pasha of Buda began construction in 1565, and the work was completed by his successor. The next major stage in the life of the spa came in 1796, when the building was purchased by the König family, who rebuilt it as it is now, taking care to preserve it as a monument. The place also got its Hungarian name from this family.

You probably know that Hungary is rich in thermal springs, so it is difficult to choose from the multitude of great baths. It is interesting that, despite this, the Király Bath does not have its own hot water source. This was by design, not chance. The Turks built the bath away from the springs on purpose to ensure that they could bathe inside the castle walls even if a siege was going on! Why did the Turks like to bathe so much? Come to the Király Spa and you will understand right away.  

This is how you can pamper yourself at the Király Bath

The Király Bath’s thermal water is rich in sodium, calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonate and sulphate-chloride, and also has a significant fluoride ion content. You can enjoy the beneficial effects of this thermal water in the relaxing plunge pool, in the thermal pools of different sizes and temperatures, in the exciting outdoor tub and in the pleasant jacuzzi. You can choose from services including ... 

  • underwater water jet massage,
  • medical therapeutic massage,
  • steam rooms,
  • sauna,
  • bathtub (including a private family bathtub)
  • or a refreshing massage.  

Come to the Király Bath in Budapest and experience complete healing relaxation in original Turkish splendour. Check out the bath’s gallery of pictures before you visit.