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Escape to nature in the middle of the city: hidden islands of peace in Budapest

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Most people in Hungary think of darts as a pub game, but over the past decade it has matured into a serious sport. There are more and more places in Budapest where amateurs and professionals alike can demonstrate what it means to have a steady hand and a pin-point finish. Thanks to the popularity of the game, there are more and more competitions taking place where you can watch and support the best in the world. After all the concentration ...

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What is darts?

Legend has it that many centuries ago, on a cold winter day, an English archer was looking for a more enjoyable way to practice: in the warmth of a nearby tavern he began throwing cut-down arrows into a slice of tree trunk hanging on the wall. Competitors soon appeared wanting to prove their skills. Whilst it isn’t known whether this story is true, we do know that darts originated in the British Isles and that the rules that govern it today were developed in Great Britain. The game took its current form in 1896, when the first organisations and clubs were formed.  


Players throw darts at a circular target with the aim of ending up with zero points.. Players start the game with 501 points and the points thrown by the player are subtracted from their starting score. The first person to reach zero, which they have to do by throwing a double to finish, wins the leg.  

World stars in Budapest

On 17 May 2022, the MVM Dome in Budapest hosted the Hungarian Darts Show, where the best in the world, Gerwyn Price, Raymond van Barneveld, Michael van Gerwen, Wayne Mardle, Fallon Sherrock and 16-time world champion, Phil Taylor, put their skills to the test at the oche. 

Refreshment in the city centre

After a good game of darts it is worth looking for a peaceful, refreshing park in the city, where you can enjoy the unique atmosphere of Budapest. Lajos Vereczkey, darts commentator, recommends the hustle and bustle of Erzsébet Square. 

LAJOS VERECZKEY ON ERZSÉBET SQUARE17 May was a red letter day in the calendar for darts fans as this is when the best darts players visited Hungary. The exciting games and entertainment at Hungary’s first large-scale darts event, the Hungarian Darts Show, were hosted by the MVM Dome.
Lajos Vereczkey on Erzsébet Square
Dávid Sigér on the Nehru bank
Zsófia Szabó on Gellért Hill
Krisztián Lovassy on Etyek

In the shade of enormous chestnut trees

If you are looking for a really calm and intimate place, we have a few tips on where to find some peace and quiet. Károlyi Garden, one of the oldest gardens in Budapest, is hidden in the heart of the 5th district. Its 7,625 m² area has preserved its eye-catching function since the 17th century. Today, the garden of the former palace of the Károlyi family has two playgrounds for children as well as a fountain, a flower garden, a chess table and several cosy terraces. The style of the garden combines the geometric Baroque style with the design of English gardens, and you can see one of the oldest white mulberries in the country here too.  

The green gems of Buda

If Pest isn’t enough, head to Buda! Not far from the busy intersection of Kosztolányi Dezső Square is the legendary Lake Feneketlen, which is a popular couples’ spot in the city. The charming fountain in the middle of the lake, ducks floating on the water, and the Cistercian church of St. Imre provides a spectacular backdrop for recharging you batteries. If you are looking for a view, don’t stop until you reach Gellért Hill as the statue of the Lookout Stone above the Gellért Hill reservoir is a real hidden gem. You can enjoy a beautiful panorama near the statue of Prince Buda and Princess Pest, reaching out to each other over the Danube, created by Márta Lesenyei and György Vadász.

Hiking on the outskirts of the city

If you would rather venture away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s worth going to the Merzse Marsh in the 17th district. The 40-hectare wetland is home to birdlife and many rare species of plant. A study trail runs through the undisturbed area with information panels providing details about the local wildlife. Visitors can also step up to the lookout tower and have a picnic on the grassy area in front of it.