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Family programmes in and around Nyíregyháza

One of the pedestrian streets in the city centerNyíregyházaTokaj and Nyíregyháza

Nyíregyháza and the surrounding area offer numerous programmes and daytrip destinations ideal for families with small children. You should not miss out on the Nyíregyháza Zoo − offering an all-day-long experience −, selected as Europe’s Best Zoo in 2015 and 2018.

The park, also called the zoo of extremes, is located in a 30-hectare oak forest, where 5,000 specimens of 500 species live in close to natural conditions.

Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő: relax and heal at the same time all year round.

Experiences await you all year round in Nyíregyháza-Sóstógyógyfürdő (medicinal bath) as well, where you can relax in water rich in iodine and bromide, and in various leisure pools and jacuzzis, or you can exercise your muscles in the swimming pool. The Aquarius Spa and Wellness Centre operates within the Park Spa, offering special services to those who would like to enjoy relaxation together with healing, all year round.

Lake Sóstó

Would you like to go boating? Rent one on Lake Sóstó! Are you interested in the lives of people of bygone eras? Sit down behind the desk of an old school at the Sóstó Village Museum! One of the largest open-air museums in Hungary, it presents the day-to-day existence of a 19th-century Hungarian village.

Enter the land of dragons: Nyírbátor

The history of Nyírbátor is completely entwined with dragons: a long time ago, the settlement was owned by members of the former Order of Dragons, now, in modern days dragon statues adorn the Várostörténeti (Town History) walkway − it is hardly a suprise then that the city’s coat-of-arms also displays dragon teeth. Visit the Wax Museum of the Báthori Castle, where you can participate in a wondrous journey through time: you can catch a glimpse of the life of the Báthori family in five scenes, through 45 life-sized, authentic wax figures.

Báthori Castle in Nyírbátor

Hungary’s most famous pilgrimage site, Máriapócs

Make a pilgrimage to Hungary’s most famous pilgrimage site, Máriapócs, where children can spend exciting hours at the Családvár (Family Castle), at the playground “Noah’s Ark”, which enacts biblical stories, and in the lookout tower, Csodák tornya (Tower of Miracles), which emphasises the relationship between the sky and the earth.

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