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Festivals, major events in and around Debrecen

The Flower CarnivalDebrecen Debrecen and surroundings

Have a party at the Campus Festival, enjoy the events and flavours of the Flower Carnival, the Hortobágy Bridge Fair ‘Hídi Vásár’ and the Horse Riding Days, or reconnect with nature at Lake Tisza Classical Music Festival.

Diverse music productions and international star entertainers at the Campus Festival

When it comes to summer and parties in Debrecen, Campus Festival is the place to be. Every year in July, Nagyerdő, the City Park of Debrecen, hosts a series of events with several international performers, which, in addition to popular music programmes, offer a variety of cultural and artistic activities and leisure experiences!

The Flower Carnival is waiting for you

One of the country’s biggest birthday parties offers visitors a full week of colourful events. The main attraction is the carnival parade on 20 August, when carriages loaded with huge flower arrangements and hundreds of dancers parade through the streets of Debrecen. The spectacular composition of hundreds of thousands of flowers and the week-long carnival is an amazing experience for the whole family.

Get into the spirit of the fair

The Bridge Fair ‘Hídi Vásár’ in Hortobágy is one of the oldest fairs in the region. It was originally used to sell and trade animals, but nowadays it functions as a folk art and flea market with lots of great activities on offer. Visit the fairgrounds by the Nine-Hole Bridge on 20 August and get into the fairground spirit.

Family fun at the Hortobágy Equestrian Days

The Hortobágy Equestrian Days, with half a century of history, will offer horse lovers a hundred competitions, as well as a fair, several concerts and a variety of programmes – including a stage for children’s entertainment.

Wonderful melodies on Lake Tisza

If you’re travelling to Lake Tisza in July and don’t want to just listen to the “music” of the beetles, birds and trees, but are also open to a classical music festival that perfectly matches the melodies of nature, don’t miss the Nature Opera House Festival on Lake Tisza – it will be a fantastic experience.


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