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Five extraordinary trips in Hungary if you’re bored of hiking

HortobágyDebrecen and surroundings

Observe the deer from the back of a tractor, cruise among the trees on a Segway or hop on a bicycle and explore the fabulous landscape, lakes and cultural heritage of the Őrség. We’ll show you five unique places in Hungary where you can engage in memorable adventures.

Watching deer on a tractor in Bőszénfa

The deer farm in Bőszénfa, located merely 20 kilometres from Kaposvár, is one of the most exciting Hungarian wildlife parks, and for good reason: the resident animals live in a 1,300-hectare wooded area that very closely resembles their original habitats. This unique location is the home of red deer, fallow deer, mouflons, wild boars, roe deer and Père David's deer: you can even pet and walk with the more tame specimens. If you crave an even more unique adventure in Bőszénfa, sit on a trailer pulled by a tractor, which allows you to watch the amazing red deer from up close.

Mountain tour in the Mátra by Segway

If you’re looking for a truly futuristic adventure in nature, hop on an Offroad Segway in the Mátra, allowing you to visit not only the attractions in Mátrafüred, but also the forest. The more than 100-kilometre-long trail was designed to allow people who have never tried a Segway to try the adventure, as a mini practice tour is also available for beginners. Once you’re confident on the vehicle, you can take a turn towards the Kalló Valley, the Outlaws’ Hide-out or the Park Forest educational trail, or take the sinuous route to the Witch Stones, where allegedly witches were burnt in days gone by. The Segway tour is also perfect for people with a love for heights: the trail takes you to the Kozmáry Lookout Tower, where you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Mátraalja and Gyöngyös.

Cycle tour in the Őrség

You can traverse the region by bicycle from Őriszentpéter on six cycle trails over a total distance of 226 kilometres. The trails take you to Lake Vadása, Lake Himfa and Lake Hársas, and fortunately, not many cars cross your path in the natural environment. If you only have a short day to explore the Őrség by bike, then Trail 6 was made for you: you can admire not only the magical view of the region, but also the treasures of vernacular architecture, since the Village Museum of Pityerszer is easy to approach from Szalafő. If you have a little more time, you should definitely choose Trail 1 or 3, since these will take you to the Slovenian Domonkosfa, Kapornak and Hodos.

Safari tour in Hortobágy

If you choose a safari car-ride instead of a walking tour, you can see a completely different side of the Hortobágy Wildlife Park and its resident animals. You have two options: the unique atmosphere of the evening tour is provided by the sunset and the fact that the location of the first Hungarian national park has an extremely low level of light pollution, which makes it a perfect place for stargazing. If you opt for the extra safari experience, you can meet the wild horses and aurochs living in Hortobágy up close. Other residents include ancient Hungarian breeds such as Hungarian Grey, Racka sheep and Mangalica, and the village is also home to more than 300 species of birds. This is the reason a Bird Park was established in Hortobágy, where sick and wounded animals are treated as well.

Water tour in Gemenc Forest

Talking about Gemenc Forest, people initially think of its light railway, but it is also Hungary’s largest contiguous alluvial forest due to its location near the Danube, and is also part of the Duna-Dráva National Park. There is no doubt that this is a perfect place not only to enjoy the light railway, but also to go on a water tour: there are several trails to take by kayak or canoe. The trip on the Danube allows you to get to know the region’s protected birds. such as the great egret and the grey heron, and you can even spot some wild boars or roe deer in the forest. The world’s biggest black stork population also lives in this region, so make sure you row with your eyes wide open. If you feel that kayaking or canoeing is too much for you, you still don’t have to give up the wonders of the water world: just get lost in the beauty of the landscape and the animals from the safety of a boat.