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From caving to dragons: Orfű offers a myriad of adventures

OrfűPécs region

Wonderful scenery, special experiences in gastronomy, and vivid traditions – Orfű offers all these for active and enriching recreation.  

Orfű lies in a valley of the North-Western Mecsek. At nature’s will and thanks to human efforts, this is the area which has formed itself in about half a century into an excitingly diverse, yet consistent tourist district known far and wide. 

Where water reigns

Visitors to Orfű might often feel that water is omnipresent in the area. A sinkhole here, a forest spring there, and crystal clear creeks tend to trickle along the marked hiking trails. With such characteristics, it’s no wonder that bathing is a core experience in this area. If you would like to swim and bathe, Kis-tó beach is the best choice for you, with its sandy lake bed.

You can also encounter water-related experiences at Spring House hiding in the tree canopy, and which at first sight looks like a spaceship. It’s connected to the cave of Vízfő Spring, driving one of the wheels of the Mill Museum to this very day. The nature trail leading here runs along the creek of this spring on wooden planks. Should you seek true curiosities, visit the House of Mecsek, and sign up for one of the adventurous cave hikes, dressed in spelunkers’ overalls. 

Quest for the seven-headed

Dragon Well, Dragon Spring, Dragon Ravine – several natural phenomena are named after this seven-headed fairy tale character in the picturesque scenery around Orfű. Legend has it that once upon a time, dragons lived in this area. Their “footprints” are connected by a thematic hiking trail. Go, chase down these ancient creatures, and meanwhile, explore the natural values and exciting karst formations of the Mecsek Hills. But be sure to keep your eyes on the ground too: you might find some nice-smelling wild garlic, an iconic ingredient of local cuisine used in dozens of ways. 


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