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Get up from the sofa and have some winter fun

We agree that one of the best things to do in cold weather is to sit at home and have a nice cup of tea. But the second best thing is to discover beautiful landscapes and have wonderful experiences. Put your tea in a thermos and come with us!

Timeless magic

Budapest – City Park Ice Rink 


It’s an amazing fact that the Ice Rink in City Park first opened on 29 January 1870, and what’s more, Crown Prince Rudolf conducted the opening ceremony in front of a crowd of skaters. The Boat Lake is turned into an ice rink every year. It is an iconic dating spot and a popular meeting place for families and friends. Even if you don't skate, it's worth visiting and watching the happy, colourful crowd from the bridge. You can rent skates on the site.

A moment frozen in time

Balaton – anywhere 


Balaton, Hungary’s largest lake, is an incredible sight on cold winter days, although it rarely freezes over now, unfortunately. It shows special shades of blue, and you can even see frozen waves on its shores. On the southern shore, you can look down on the water and the surrounding, snowy landscape from a height of 165 meters on the Gömb Lookout in Balatonboglár. You can also take a serene walk in Tihany on the northern shore. There will be no sign of the summer crowds at this time of year, but the misty atmosphere is quite other-worldly. It’s like travelling back a few centuries in time. 

Among picturesque rocks

Sárospatak – Tarn of Megyer-hegy


The Tarn of Megyer-hegy near Sárospatak is a popular hiking spot all year round. It’s one of the country's most beautiful natural formations. The rainwater collected in the excavation pit of the former mill stone quarry can display extreme shades of blue, but if it snows, it’s like walking on a Game of Thrones set.

Stars at arm's length

Bakonybél – Pannon Observatory


Hungary's number-one astronomical information centre offers permanent exhibitions, nighttime events, a telescope park and a planetarium. Spend a couple of hours here and ask for a professional guide so you won't get lost in the mysteries of the galaxy!


The area also has five-star rated excursion spots on the ground: There’s Lake Hubertlaki, the little brother of the Red Lake in Transylvania, the Zirc Abbey, which is eight kilometres away, and you even can go skiing in Eplény. 

Just like a fairy-tale

Lillafüred and environs


Yet another film reference: at one of the most beautiful villages in the Bükk National Park it feels like stepping into the world of Frozen, especially in winter. If we may suggest, you should stay at Hotel Palota if you’re looking for a truly princely experience. Then, in the morning, dress up warm and set off to explore the area. Not far from here, you can find the Fátyol waterfall in the Szalajka Valley near Szilvásvárad, which is breathtaking when frozen.

The peak

Kékes – Kékestető


This is Hungary’s highest point at 1014 (or 1015) metres above sea level. So if you’re looking for snow, you will most likely find it here. It’s interesting that almost everyone confuses Kékes with Kékestető: the former is the mountain and the latter is the name of the village. The place has crystal clear air and a special climate, and in 1963 it was declared a climatic health resort. The lookout point in its iconic, 180-metre-high TV tower, and the covered circular bar offers a fantastic view of the landscape that hides several forest trails.