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Looking for a place for a romantic day out? Here are five tips

Szent György HillBalaton

A village with special energy in the Bükk mountains, a forest tour in the Danube Bend, or a lakeside hunting castle in Zemplén. What do you say? 

Peace and quiet with no reception

The renovated castles in Boldogkő, Füzér and Regéc are perhaps the most romantic castles in Zemplén. If you walk on these fairytale stones, you will feel like a lord or lady of the castle. In Zemplén you can also find a little hidden wonder: the Kőkapu hunting castle on Nagyhuta, at the Áfonyás Lake, where you can have lunch or dinner, or even stay the night. It's also worth hopping on Hungary's oldest forest mini-railway, which runs right through here. There is never any mobile phone service in the area, so it’s perfect if you want a break from the news and just want to focus on each other.

Among healing stones

Bükkszentkereszt is a village that has special energies. György Szabó, who died recently, and was known affectionately as uncle Gyuri, the herb man from Bükk, was connected with this place. It is always five degrees cooler here than in other parts of the country, making it a great place to snuggle while you’re walking. A medicinal plant and mushroom festival is held here, but you can also join organised herb tours or choose from a number of hiking trails. In the forest near the village, you can find the legendary healing stones of the Blessed Virgin, where meditating together is a fantastic experience.


Secret garden

If you want to get away from the city for just a day or a few hours, you will love the Miklós Bertényi Botanical Garden in the Visegrád Mountains, which is a secret lush garden with a special microclimate. Your four-legged friend is also welcome. The 16.5-hectare park is a real specialty, a mini botanical garden in a mountain environment. Its entrance is located right next to the Ördögmalom Forest Restaurant, where you can have lunch, and on entering the garden, you can choose from 19 walkways. At section 8 of the park, you will find a double-sided trapdoor with iron handles, and if you open it, you can walk into the forest and discover more wonderful places. The 8-km-long round tour that starts from here will take you to the Muflon trail, the Erdőanya study trail and the Ördögmalom waterfall.

For lovers of geometric art

Veszprém Castle is worth a walk in itself, but it’s worth highlighting a hidden little museum in the Fire Tower. The Modern Gallery is a private museum where you can see the art collection of shoemaker László Vass. The founder of the world-famous Vass Shoes brand has been collecting mostly abstract works since the 1970s. He started with post-war contemporary Hungarian masters, but he is constantly expanding his collection with new works of world-famous non-figurative artists. You can see the paintings by Imre Bak, Tamás Konok, Dóra Maurer, Vera Molnar and others.

Baroque and Lake Balaton

The Lengyel Chapel on Szent György Hill, which was built in 1760 and belongs to Hegymagas, is one of the most beautiful places in the Balaton Uplands, with a fantastic view of the surrounding volcanic landscape and the lake. After you have peeked into the chapel, you can walk among the grape vines, admire hidden little houses, drink fresh spring water from the Lion's Head well, and feel like the two of you are on top of the world.  

Szent György Hill