Makó, the land of onions and the Hagymatikum

The Hagymatikum
Szeged region

The little town of Makó on the right bank of the River Maros, close to the Romanian border, is famous for the Makó onion, which has been declared a Hungarikum. The town offers visitors a truly relaxing experience.

The most iconic building in the town (just 33 kilometres from Szeged) is the spa complex called Hagymatikum, built based on the designs of Hungarian architect Imre Makovecz, winner of the Miklós Ybl and Kossuth Awards. Drilling began in 1956, when they first found thermal water here, and since then, the thermal bath has grown into a huge complex. Today, it is a thermal bath and spa that offers everything the thousands of visiting tourists could want.


Water fun for all ages

Although its exterior is already a sight to behold, the thermal bath also offers other experiences for your other senses. It is the perfect place for a fun-filled family day, with an outdoor training pool and an indoor swimming pool, as well as the Sherwood kids’ island, with a pool for children, and an adventure park around it where the little ones can have as much fun as they like. And of course, adults have nothing to complain about either. The Hagymatikum is home to one of the largest sauna units in the country – the perfect place to rest after a tiring week or day. The thermal water of the bath and the medicinal mud from the River Maros together help alleviate problems affecting joints, and also conditions caused by vertebral erosion, inflamed joints, neuritis, neuropathic pain, nerve paralysis and muscular atrophy, so even visitors who are looking to get better will find what they are looking for.


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