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Margaret Island: the urban oasis

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Margaret Island, hidden in the heart of the capital, is a real paradise in the urban hustle and bustle of Budapest, emerging as a special oasis from the waters of the Danube between the hills of Buda and the always vibrant Pest. This green island is also very popular among locals: it is easily accessible from the city centre in a few minutes, and its fascinating atmosphere and diverse recreation opportunities will make you want to come back again and ...

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Margaret Island is the perfect choice if you want to rest and recharge your batteries. The close-to-nature atmosphere and the green embrace of the island are one of the most attractive features of the location: whether you come from the Margit bridge or the Árpád bridge, the beauty of nature and the peaceful environment will enchant you right away. The fresh air, the smell of flowers and the rustling trees completely isolate visitors from the noise of the city and allow them to lose themselves in their thoughts or completely immerse themselves in nature. However, the island not only attracts nature lovers but also offers many sports and entertainment opportunities. Visitors can hop on a bike to explore the island on the roads and paths, and they can also try alternative means of transport: the classic quadracycles named after fairy-tale heroes, the comfortable "multi gran tour" vehicles, tandems, electric mini cars and two-wheeled mini velocipedes.

The island's advanced infrastructure allows you to try many other sports: you can splash in the pools of the Palatinus and the Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool, which has been operating since 1930. Margaret Island is also home to the popular running circuit, the Margaret Island Athletic Centre, and numerous street workout and fitness parks. No wonder that Margaret Island is synonymous with sports for many people. The park’s huge green areas are also available for other sports: you can often see people doing yoga, and it's worth coming with equipment for sports and games as you can pass the time by playing badminton, football or frisbee in the park.

Margaret Island is a venue for cultural and gastronomic experiences:

The Island also boasts a rich cultural life. Concerts, theatre performances and other cultural events are regularly held on the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage, so you should always have a programme with you. The island is also home to two great musical fountains: one is near the southern tip of the island with breathtaking light shows and music in the evenings, and the other is the Bodor fountain in the Japanese Garden, enchanting visitors with 12 different melodies. 


If you want to eat something while you’re on the island, you can choose from several options: Nagyrét is the perfect place for a picnic with friends, so you should bring blankets, food and drinks. Of course, there are several snack bars and street food trucks on the island as well, so you can satisfy your hunger with a retro lángos or an extra hamburger. You can also buy cotton candy, ice cream or strudel for dessert. If you’d like a more sophisticated culinary experience, head to the old casino and the aera around it where you can find a great selection of food and drinks.