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Medical treatments

Hungary is outstanding in several ways when it comes to medicine and medical science, which you can experience yourself if you visit the country. The country is at the forefront of diagnostics, dentistry, ophthalmology, orthopedics and plastic surgery. The leading Hungarian institutes provide services at a high level of quality: the physicians and nurses are highly skilled and the offices are technologically fully developed.


Hungary is one of the dentistry hubs of Europe. Beyond the capital, Budapest, dental offices in cities along the western border including Sopron, Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr provide foreign guests with high quality services. Patients leave Hungary fully satisfied: they’re serviced by skilled dentists, accommodating teams and offices featuring cutting-edge technology.


While other countries have long waiting lists, various diagnostics procedures are available quickly and at a favourable price – including the device-based examination of the heart, ultrasound or mammography services.


The Hungarian orthopedics clinics look back on decades, or sometimes a half century-long history in treating patients with locomotor disorders – in fact, they also perform high-level research activities.


Apart from the quality of medical care, patients can also spend the period of rehabilitation amongst the best conditions, thus allowing visitors to even undergo such complex procedures as mosaicplasty knee surgery and hip surgery.


Highly skilled physiotherapists and masseuses assist recovering patients in renewed surroundings with top quality instruments.



Hungarian plastic surgeons can only start working after at least 13 years of internship, therefore their preparedness is unquestionable. All the trendiest procedures requiring the latest technical devices are available in Hungary at favourable prices. Accordingly, the services range from skin-tightening and rejuvenating procedures, phototherapy, ultrasound facial rejuvenation, Infini treatment, as well as laser hair removal, weight-loss treatments and traditional plastic surgery procedures.


Hungarian health institutions have a good success ratio of helping couples facing infertility. The services include in-vitro fertilization treatments and various forms of artificial insemination as well as gynecologic and male infertility evaluations, hormone determinations, hysteroscopy and hystero contrast sonography examinations.



Since the 19th century, Hungarian ophthalmology has provided medical science with a number of renowned experts. The eyelid ptosis and loxophthalmus surgeries of László Blaskovics were considered ground-breaking, whilst later on, Aladár Kettesy invented numerous key surgical procedures and created new ophthalmology devices. In August 2008, Dr. Zoltán Zsolt Nagy performed the first femto laser-assisted cataract surgery in the world.


The treatments begin with the examination of the complaints and various screening tests, followed by the cataract surgery, contact lens implantation, pterygium surgery, fibroma, stye and atheroma removal and can be concluded with double blepharoplasty surgery. It’s also worth visiting the country for cutting-edge corrective eye surgery.

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