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Northern Hungarian Bath Cities

Eger region


The 1,200 square metre limestone deposits of Egerszalók are considered an iconic rarity the world over, with only two other sites with similar natural formations. The hot waters surging up from the deep found a way to the surface at this point, while the lime deposited on the hillsides created a shiny, white surface. The deposits keep expanding year after year: white limestone ledges, tiny lakes and lacy ledges and limestone curtains continue developing, which look lovely during the day, yet yield an even more captivating experience in special night-time lighting, providing a rainbow of colours to admire by hikers passing by or when bathing in the pool opposite the deposits. Let yourself be captivated by the sights!


The calcium-magnesium-hydrogen-carbonate waters that burst to the surface here have a significant sulfuric content. Visitors to the site typically include those coping with locomotor disorders or undergoing post-orthopedic or spinal operation rehabilitation; yet naturally, there are also a fair number of people who purely seek physical and mental refreshment. The sauna facility features beer, honey and salt sauna ceremonies as well as the first Finnish sauna log house of the country.



The Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca  is a unique attraction of Europe that features a spa installed in a cave formed over thousands of years. Visitors to the cave can bathe in naturally formed caves and halls, while taking in the echo of the so-called Stars’ Hall and enjoy the pleasant massaging effect of the currents.


The refreshment of body and soul is guaranteed by the pleasantly warm thermal water surging up from the depths of the mountain as well as the clean cave air free of impurities. Those seeking wellness experiences can choose from a range of various saunas, a float spa and the services of the aqua-therapy facility featuring a combination of traditional folk practices and modern technology, thus mitigating the exhaustion caused by day-to-day stress. Apart from the cave, a nearly 3.6 hectare park and accessibility area features six additional pools to ensure the recreation of the visitors to the cave bath.


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